Cancer de la prostate Canada
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    3 avril 2017
    L'organisme finançant ce programme n'est pas agréé.

Type de programme
  • Subvention
    The Movember Discovery Grants program builds on the success of the existing Pilot Grant program and continues the main goal of supporting researchers in that key stage of obtaining early results. The Discovery Grant program supports junior investigators and allows more established investigators to pursue new important directions. It is open to applications from all areas of prostate cancer research.

    Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC) is offering a limited number of Discovery Grants. The goal is to support researchers to generate preliminary data in prostate cancer research that would provide the basis for a more substantial research grant from another agency. The Discovery Grant program will:
    • be a valuable mechanism to facilitate project support for junior investigators
    • allow more established investigators to pursue new important directions
    • allow applications from all areas of prostate cancer research
    • provide an increased budget of up to $200,000 per project that can be spent in up to two years of funding, thereby allowing some flexibility
    • not support renewal application nor be renewable
    • fund applications that will have been evaluated by a rigorous peer-review process that will assess:
    o track record of investigator team
    o feasibility of the proposed work
    o innovation
    o potential impact on prostate cancer
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