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    1 février 2018
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  • Subvention
    Parkinson Society Canada (“PSC”) is pleased to offer the Pilot Project Program (the “Program”) as part of its strategic initiative to encourage investigators (researchers) with faculty or equivalent appointments, to enter and perform research in new, specifically targeted, high priority areas of Parkinson’s research in Canada. It is our intent that successful applicants in this Program will utilize the funds provided under the Program to acquire preliminary data leading to development of larger projects eligible for funding from a major granting agency. PSC intends to provide awards in the amount of up to $45,000 over a one-year term to outstanding applicants who meet the eligibility criteria of the Program and who have been approved by PSC’s Scientific Advisory Board (the “Advisory Board”). Funds awarded under the Program are to be used to cover operating expenses, technical support staff salaries and equipment costs for research grants in Parkinson’s-related areas.
    Through this initiative, PSC invites grant applications (“Applications”) from applicants committed to conducting novel, emerging, or innovative research in areas relevant to the cure, cause, prevention, improved treatment and/or understanding of Parkinson’s disease, related disorders including: Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), other Parkinson’s conditions and its implications on society.2016-03-09
Personne-ressource au Vice-rectorat à la recherche et à la création Domaine(s) concerné(s) Adresse(s) Internet : Il y a présentement 2 projet(s) financé(s) dans le cadre de ce programme à l'Université Laval.

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