Brain Canada Foundation
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    7 juillet 2017
    L'organisme finançant ce programme n'est pas agréé.

Type de programme
  • Subvention
    These grants may be used to support any aspect of the operating costs of the research project including: supplies and materials; provision of special services and user fees; maintenance of essential equipment; travel of team members and trainees for collaboration and presentation of results; publication costs; salaries for technical personnel; stipends of trainees; and purchase of equipment that is currently unavailable but essential for the project.  Budgets which include equipment over $5,000 and travel must be particularly well justified. For items of equipment costing over $10,000 up to a maximum of $50,000, a letter from the department head/institute director is required to indicate that the equipment is required, but not available for the project.  Research projects must involve trainees in any appropriate health professional or scientific discipline.  Salary payments to any team members who are eligible to apply for operating grants from the federal granting agencies are not permitted.  The Partners do not provide institutional overhead.  These grants are non-renewable.
Personne-ressource au Vice-rectorat à la recherche et à la création Domaine(s) concerné(s) Adresse(s) Internet : Il y a présentement 1 projet(s) financé(s) dans le cadre de ce programme à l'Université Laval.

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