Biologie marine

  Projets(s) de recherche, responsable
    1.1 Network Analysis of Umbrella and Indicator Species: Assessing the Integrity of Northern Ecosystems, Daniel Fortin
    2.2 Innovative optical systems to track winter life in the cryosphere, Gilles Gauthier
    2.3 NORTH_NOrthern life RhyTHm: the use of diatom microalgae for improving the treatment of the light-driven dysfunctions of the biological clock in Arctic human populations., Johann Lavaud
    2.7 Observing Arctic Substrates: Unveiling ice, water column, and benthic physical and biological properties using laser remote sensing from autonomous underwater vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles, Philippe Archambault
    3.1 Sentinel microbiomes, genes and molecules for Arctic ecosystem health, Warwick F. Vincent
    3.3 BriGHT (Bridging Global change, Inuit Health and the Transforming Arctic Ocean), Jean-Éric Tremblay
    Ace Mertz Integrated Study, Guillaume Massé
    Bourse à Camille Berthod pour un stage de 3 mois en France, Jean-Éric Tremblay
    Bourse à Jens Rassmann pour un stage de 4 mois au Canada, Jean-Éric Tremblay
    Bourse à Stéphanie Cimon pour un stage de 4 mois aux États-Unis, Jean-Éric Tremblay
    Canadian Research Icebraker Amundsen, Louis Fortier
    Centre de recherche en géochimie et géodynamique (GEOTOP), Georges Beaudoin
    Centre de recherche Québec-Océan-Laval (Qc Océan UL), Jean-Éric Tremblay
    Development of dissolved (DOC) and particulate (POC) organic carbon concentration algorithms for Arctic water - Global impact of Arctic carbon cycle, Marcel Babin
    FGR - Effects of organic stressors from jellyfish blooms and aquaculture operations on seafloor ecosystems, Louis Fortier
    Green life in the dark, Marcel Babin
    Groupe interinstitutionnel de recherches océanographiques du Québec (Québec-Océan), Jean-Éric Tremblay
    International network for terrestrial research and monitoring in the Arctic, Gilles Gauthier
    LARSEM: Laboratoire aquatique de recherche en sciences environnementales et médicales, Louis Bernatchez
    Linking Science and Community Knowledge in the Arctic: Development of tools and capacity for community-based research and monitoring for marine invasive species and coastal biodiversity, Louis Bernatchez
    MERTZ regional diversity assessment project (MERTZ-DIVA), Guillaume Massé
    MERTZ regional diversity assessment project (MERTZ-DIVA), Guillaume Massé
    Migrations of searun Arctic char in a changing Arctic : Integrating acoustic telemetry, physiology, and genomics, Louis Bernatchez
    Potentiel de valorisation des matières organiques résiduelles québécoises par la production en masse de larves de mouches soldat noires, Grant Vandenberg
    Using environmental DNA (eDNA) to ground truth forage fish species detected by hydroacoustics in a whale feeding ground of the St. Lawrence Estuary (SLE), Louis Bernatchez
    Valorisation du perméat de lactosérum pour la production de composés prébiotiques par l'utilisation d'une enzyne microalgale, Alain Doyen