Compatibilité, sciences comptables

  Projets(s) de recherche, responsable
    A Stakeholder Perspective on Comprehensive Income Accounting Information, Claire-France Picard
    Benefits and Costs of Auditor's Assurance: Evidence From the Review of Quarterly Financial Statements, Jean Bédard
    Building the Legitimacy of Whistleblowers: A Multi-Case Discourse Analysis, Yves Gendron
    Career Trajectories of Professional Accountants, Claire-France Picard
    Carriers of Ideas in Accounting Standard-Setting and Financialization: The Role of Epistemic Communities, Marion Lecomte
    Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire sur les PME et l'entrepreneuriat (CRIPMEE), Josée Audet
    Digitalization and Promotion: An Empirical Study in a Large Law Firm, Marion Lecomte
    Engagement social des professionnels comptables au Québec : la place du professionnalisme au service de la société à l'ère du commercialisme, Claire-France Picard
    Ethical Deliberation and Internal Audit Quality in the Canadian Public Sector, Marion Lecomte
    Internal Audit: Is The 'Third Line of Defense' Effective as a Form of Governance? An Exploratory Study of the Impression Management Techniques Chief Audit Executives Use in Their Annual Accountability to the Audit Committee, Mélanie Roussy
    Internal Auditor's Roles: From Watchdogs to Helpers and Protectors of the Top Manager, Mélanie Roussy
    Interview-Based Research in Accounting 2000-2014: Informal Norms, Translation and Vibrancy, Yves Gendron
    Is Environmental Governance Substantive or Symbolic? An Empirical Investigation, Michelle Rodrigue
    ISO Auditing and the Construction of Trust in Auditor Independence, Olivier Boiral
    La gestion des risques de crédit et le crédit de la gestion des risques
    La gestion des risques de crédit et le crédit de la gestion des risques
    La gestion des risques de crédit et le crédit de la gestion des risques, Céline Baud
    Le contrôle de gestion dans un contexte de développement durable
    Les incitatifs fiscaux pour les anges investisseurs, Cécile Carpentier
    Les incitatifs fiscaux pour les anges investisseurs, Jean-Marc Suret
    Les pratiques de gestion des coûts dans les organisations du secteur public au Québec
    L'identification de l'associé responsable dans le rapport de l'auditeur et l'impact sur la qualité et le coût de l'audit : le cas du Québec, Louis-Philippe Sirois
    L'influence des médias sociaux sur les contrôles organisationnels
    Marketing or Parrhesia? A Longitudinal Study of AICPA's Shifting Languages in Times of Turbulence
    On the Operational Reality of Auditor Independence: Lessons From the Field, Henri Guénin
    Private Investment in Small Public Entities, Cécile Carpentier
    Private Investment in Small Public Entities, Jean-Marc Suret
    Sense-Making in Compensation Committees: A Cultural Theory Perspective, Yves Gendron
    State privatization and the unrelenting expansion of neoliberalism: The case of the Greek financial crisis, Henri Guénin
    The Audit Reporting Model: Current Research Synthesis and Implications, Jean Bédard
    The Challenge of Sustaining Organizational Hybridity: The Role of Power and Agency
    The Colonization of Public Accounting Firms by Marketing Expertise: Processes and Consequences, Claire-France Picard
    The Construction of the Risky Individual and Vigilant Organizations: A Genealogy of the Fraud Triangle, Henri Guénin
    The Emotional Dimension of Audit Work, Henri Guénin
    The Erosion of Jurisdiction: Auditing in a Market Value Accounting Regime, Yves Gendron
    The Frontstage and Backstage of Sustainability Reporting: Evidence From the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Michelle Rodrigue
    The Integrated Scorecard in Support of Corporate Sustainability Strategies, Marc Journeault
    Waves a Global Standardization: Small Practitioners' Resilience and Intra-Professional Framentation Within the Accounting Profession