Génie des matériaux

  Projets(s) de recherche, responsable
    A Multi-scale Approach to Characterize and Analyze the Effect of Temperature and Pressure on the Life Well Integrity of Oil Well Cements, Luca Sorelli
    A new multi-scale approach to characterize concrete creep and its implications in long-term durability, Luca Sorelli
    Caractérisation de systèmes de finition et de systèmes de densification pour le bois, Véronic Landry
    Centre de recherche sur l'aluminium, Houshang Darvishi Alamdari
    Centre de recherche sur l'aluminium - REGAL, Houshang Darvishi Alamdari
    Centre de recherche sur les infrastructures en béton, Benoît Fournier
    Centre de recherche sur les matériaux renouvelables (CRMR), Alain Cloutier
    Centre de recherche sur les systèmes polymères et composites à haute performance (CREPEC), Frej Mighri
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en cristaux liquides et biophotonique comportementale, Tigran Galstian
    Chaire de recherche industrielle en finition des produits du bois d'intérieur, Véronic Landry
    Characterization of an industrial plasma process to treat fluoropolymers and polyethylene terephthalate for the solar energy industry, Gaétan Laroche
    CREATE NSERC Innovative Program on NDT (NonDestructive Testing): oN DuTy!, Xavier Maldague
    CREATE Program in Polymer Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery (PoND), Marc-André Fortin
    Design, development and validation of materials and surfaces for innovative biomaterials, Diego Mantovani
    Design, Synthesis and Characterization of New Electroactive and Photoactive Polymers, Mario Leclerc
    Developing New Shotcretes, Marc Jolin
    Development and optimization of friction material used in wind turbines and heavy-duty industrial brake systems, Carl Blais
    Development of a Broadband Optical End-point Monitor for Thin Film Deposition Systems, Réal Vallée
    Development of an intraosseous transcutaneous orthopaedic implant (ITAP) resistant to bacteria infections through the combination of passive and active strategies, Gaétan Laroche
    Développement d’alliages d’extrusion de la série 6000 pour l’industrie automobile destinés aux systèmes de protection de la vie des automobilistes, Carl Blais
    Développement de caoutchouc haute performance, Denis Rodrigue
    Développement et validation d'implants dentaires innovants par impression 3D
    Étude des lignines organosolv hautement pures et des polyphénols extractibles issus du procédé catalytique, Tatjana Stevanovic Janezic
    Étude des paramètres fondamentaux régissant la réactivité et l'endommagement des ouvrages en béton affectés de RAS pour en mobiliser le comportement et en optimiser la gestion, Benoît Fournier
    Exploring the limits of glass optical fibers, Younès Messaddeq
    Fabrication Additive d'Alliage Aluminium Cuivre (FA-AAC), Carl Blais
    Flexible conductive polymer membranes, Ze Zhang
    Functional microporous materials, Denis Rodrigue
    Functional nanoparticles and nanonparticle assemblies, Anna Marie Ritcey
    Impact Modeling of Composite Aircraft Structures
    Improving smelting energy efficiency through anode production improvement (Phase II), Houshang Darvishi Alamdari
    Improving sustainable development practice in concrete production through the monitoring of fresh concrete properties using of an in-drum sensor, Marc Jolin
    Improving the machining behaviour of powder metallurgy steels through development and optimized utilization of machinability enhancing additives, Carl Blais
    Influence de la microstructure sur la distribution de l'humidité d'équilibre et des déformations dans le bois, Roger Hernandez
    Infrastructure de support au développement de matériaux et systèmes de construction biosourcés, Alain Cloutier
    Innovative and sustainable shrinkage-compensating concretes, Benoît Bissonnette
    Integration of bio-carbon in the formulation of carbon electrodes for metallurgical processes - Al smelting process, Houshang Darvishi Alamdari
    Laboratoire de conception et caractérisation des matériaux renouvelables, Alain Cloutier
    LIMONCELLO: Laser wrItten Milimeter lOng NanoCrystallinE Lanthanide waveguide Lasers with rare earth dOping, Younès Messaddeq
    Modification and characterisation or surfaces and plasma processes for biotechnological applications, Gaétan Laroche
    Nanostructured biomaterials for contrast enhancement in imaging, Marc-André Fortin
    New Functional Polymers for Next Generation Contact Lenses - a Phase I Project, Stéphanie Proulx
    Novel Synthetic Design and Methods for Atomically Precise Nanographenes, Jean-François Morin
    NSERC Green Electronics Network (GreEN), Mario Leclerc
    Optimization of microstructure and coatings of circular blades to improve sawing performance of the wood manufacturing sector, Carl Blais
    Powerful Lifetime-Resolved Photoluminescence Coupled with a Steady-State Spectrometer for the Development of Efficient Solar-to-Fuels Photocatalysts, Trong ON Do
    Quebec network for electron microscopy of materials, Trong ON Do
    Rational Design of Nanocomposites as Efficient Catalysts for Hydrogen Production and CO2 Conversion into Valuable Fuels using Sun Light, Trong ON Do
    Replacement of lead-silver anodes with Ti-based anodes in zinc electrowinning process: (feasibility, coating developement, side effects, performance and energy efficiency), Houshang Darvishi Alamdari
    Section for metallic 3D-printing at the Laboratory for Biomaterials and Bioengineering at U. Laval, Diego Mantovani
    Solutions de finition et de densification des produits du bois d'intérieur, Véronic Landry
    SPG-ANR PROTEus project: PRinting of exOTic multi-maTErials fibers, Younès Messaddeq
    Stratification des systèmes photopolymérisables, Véronic Landry
    Study of the fundamental role of interfacial mobilities during phase transformations in aluminium alloys, Daniel Larouche
    Synthesis, stydy and optimization of programmable biofilms for catalysis and waste water remediation, Jesse Greener
    Tensile characterization of Ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete with digital images correlation
    Ultrafast laser and electron pulses for high resolution imaging, Michel Piché
    UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer for Materials Characterization, Jean-François Morin
    Waveform Synthesis of Attosecond Optical Pulses: A Common Route to Attosecond Pump-Probe Spectroscopy and Nanoscopy in Aqueous Solution, Julien Beaudoin Bertrand
    Well Defined Graphene Nanoribbons as Active Components for Solar Cells, Jean-François Morin