Santé publique

  Projets(s) de recherche, responsable
    Accelerate the pre-competitive development of an eating assistive device for people living with movement, Alexandre Campeau-Lecours
    A key subset of receptors involved in spinal-mediated biological rhythms., Pierre A. Guertin
    Antimicrobial resistance genes in bioaerosols in Canadian arctic, rural, and urban environments: sources, profiles, transport and fate, Caroline Duchaine
    Apis mellifera ion channels and tools to study agroecosystems contaminants, Mohamed Chahine
    Approches hybridant la recherche opérationnelle et l'intelligence artificielle pour la planification de ressources dans les réseaux de prestation de services de santé, Angel Ruiz
    Brain Health Model and Simulator, Simon Duchesne
    Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Sleep Medicine, Charles M. Morin
    Canadian Research Icebreaker Amundsen, Marcel Babin
    Central mechanisms underlying postural and volitional control of trunk muscles, Hugo Masse-Alarie
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en soins intensifs neurologiques et traumatologie, Alexis Turgeon-Fournier
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en soins intensifs neurologiques et traumatologie, Alexis Turgeon-Fournier
    Chaire de recherche industrielle CRSNG en procédés électromembranaires visant l'amélioration de l'écoefficience de lignes de production bioalimentaires, Laurent Bazinet
    Chaire de recherche sur le vieillissement, André Tourigny
    Characterisation of the molecular structure and function of topoisomerase I using anticancer agents as molecular probes acting in a new allosteric binding-site, Sébastien Fortin
    Co-developping innovative approaches with Indigenous partners to foster coastal resilience, food security and sustainable marine harvests while enhancing community capacity to proactively respond to marine risks, Mélanie Lemire
    Collaboration Québec/Belgique pour le développement de tests ELISA nouvelle génération, Samuel Godefroy
    COVID-19 wastewater-based epidemiology back calculation using hybrid modelling methods, Peter Vanrolleghem
    CREATE Program in Polymer Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery (PoND), Marc-André Fortin
    Cultured epithelial corneal autografts for the treatment of canadians with limbal stem cell deficiency, Lucie Germain
    Deciphering the specificity and function of FGD RhoGEFs during skin development, Mélanie Laurin
    Deciphering the specificity and function of FGD RhoGEFs during skin development, Mélanie Laurin
    Defining the Effects of Endocrine-Disrupting chemicals on the cellular metabolism of inflammatory cells., Martin Pelletier
    Development and preliminary evaluation of a powered mobility device training program that specifically target cognitive functioning, François Routhier
    Development of an intraosseous transcutaneous orthopaedic implant (ITAP) resistant to bacteria infections through the combination of passive and active strategies, Gaétan Laroche
    Development of decision-making paradigms using noninvasive brain stimulation and neuroimaging., Shirley Fecteau
    Développement des systèmes biomédicaux à la base des cristaux liquides, Tigran Galstian
    Développer des trajectoires d'intervention optimales pour les gens souffrant de traits de personnalité problématiques, Claudia Savard
    Effects of high polyphenol doses on the replication of COVID-19 in vitro, Mariana Baz Etchebarne
    Engineering functional nanoparticles using libraries of polymers, Nicolas Bertrand
    Étude comparée de l’organisation anatomique et neurochimique de la voie striatofuge chez les rongeurs et les primates, Martin Parent
    Evaluating and scaling up MOvlT+, François Routhier
    Exploring the care needs of Canadians living with frailty and the role of primary care during the COVID-19 pandemic, Anik Giguère
    Fostering Functional Presenteeism with Flexible Work Resources: Validation of a Taxonomy, Caroline Biron
    Genetics applications in multivariate survival analysis, M'Hamed Lajmi Lakhal Chaieb
    Health App Review Tool (HART Match), Krista Lynn Best
    Identifying selective glucuronidation inhibitors to overcome drug resistance in cancer, Chantal Guillemette
    Impacts et optimisation des services d'éducation prénatale de groupe et en ligne: Stratégies d'application des connaissances en situation de COVID-19, Geneviève Roch
    Knowledge Mobilization_Manger notre Saint-Laurent, Mélanie Lemire
    Knowledge Network on Mining Encounters and Indigenous Sustainable Livelihoods: Cross-Perspectives from the Circumpolar North and Melanesia/Australia (MinErAL), Thierry Rodon
    Linking fisheries, food security, and health, to changing marine food webs in the Canadian Arctic, Mélanie Lemire
    Live viral spectroscopy for rapid Covid-19 detection applied directly to clinical biofluids without sample processing, Jesse Greener
    Mechanisms of experience-induced brain plasticity in the adult speech system, Pascale Tremblay
    Mechanistic studies of RNA-binding proteins regulating local RNA translation at synapses, Chantelle Sephton
    Model and variable selection for causal inference., Denis Talbot
    Neural mechanisms underlying the adaptive plasticity of human locomotion, Laurent Bouyer
    NSERC CREATE in Responsible Health and Healthcare Data Science, François Laviolette
    Plasma-based surface modifications and nano-structured multifunctional coatings for the next generation of biodegradable Mg-based bone-contact implants, Diego Mantovani
    Predicting population risk of suicide using health administrative data, Christian Gagné
    Quantitative approaches to decipher neuronal network function in situ, Antoine Godin
    Refining preclinical tools in lung physiology to evaluate COVID-19-mediated deaths from respiratory failure, Ynuk Bossé
    Renforcement automatique de la sécurité de l'Internet des objets, Mohamed Mejri
    Self-Assembly Skin Substitutes (SASS) for the treatment of acute wounds of Canadian burn patients, Véronique Moulin
    Shoulder control and influence of physiological perturbations., Jean-Sébastien Roy
    Statistical methods of multivariate analysis for large and complex data, Ting-Huei Chen
    Towards an epidermolysis bullosa clinical trial with tissue-engineered skin after ex vivo gene therapy correction, Lucie Germain
    Transforming primary health care for frail elderly Canadians, Anik Giguère
    Tyrosine kinase signaling in Nuclear Morphodynamics., Josée Lavoie