Médecine préventive, général

  Projets(s) de recherche, responsable
    ACHRU Community Partnership Program for Diabetes Self-Management for Older Adults - Canada, France Légaré
    Adult Health Outcomes in Male and Female Victims of School Bullying: A Longitudinal and Genetically Informed Study of Underlying Bio-Physiological Mechanisms, Michel Boivin
    Aldosterone antagonism and enhanced Clearance for Health Improvement EValuation in End-stage renal disease (ACHIEVE) Trial, Sacha De Serres
    Analytical mobile application to support shared decision making for pregnant women, France Légaré
    A national study of opportunities and obstacles to successful community reintegration of forensic patients, Yanick Charette
    Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage - Red Blood Cell Transfusion and Outcome (SAHaRA):A Randomized Controlled Trial, Alexis Turgeon-Fournier
    An integrative brain health model for the individual prediction of cognitive decline, Simon Duchesne
    Anxio-depressive symptom and treatment adherence trajectories associated with clinical outcomes and quality of life in a community sample of older adults with chronic disorders, Line Guénette
    A randomized controlled effectiveness trial of urine CXCL10 chemokine monitoring post-renal transplant, Sacha De Serres
    A Rapid Analytics Platform for Influenza Vaccine Evaluation and Translational Research, Philippe De Wals
    Assessing the effectiveness of an approach based on the meanings of vocal behaviours in older people living with Alzheimer’s disease in long-term care facilities: DECIBELS Project, Philippe Landreville
    BRD4 Inhibition in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: a Phase 2 Clinical Trial, Steeve Provencher
    Canadian Network for Advanced interdisciplinary Methods for Prospective Studies of Drug Safety and Effectiveness., Paul R. Fortin
    Canadian Program for Monitoring Overuse in Injury Care, Lynne Moore
    Cellular mechanisms regulating the pathogenesis of secondary progressive CNS autoimmunity, Manu Rangachari
    Chaire de Recherche du Canada en décision partagée et application des connaissances, France Légaré
    Chaire Internationale sur le Risque Cardiométabolique (1 de 2), Jean-Pierre Després
    Children And Teens in Charge of their Health: A feasibility study of solution-focused coaching to foster healthy lifestyles in children and young people with physical disabilities, Chantal Mérette
    CIRRIS - Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche en réadaptation et intégration sociale, Catherine Mercier
    Classification of the "Motivation Peer Training Program According to a Behavior Change Taxonomy, Krista Lynn Best
    CLEAR trial: CoLchicinE in patients with Acute myocaRdial infarction, Olivier Bertrand
    Collectif aînés isolement social - Ville de Québec, André Tourigny
    Community Mobilization Training for Diabetes Prevention: Implementation and scale-up of a best practice training model for diverse Indigenous communities, Marie-Claude Tremblay
    Correction of the dystrophin gene with Zinc Finger Proteins and TAL effector nuclease, Jacques-P. Tremblay
    Coûts des maladies cardiovasculaires et des problèmes de santé mentale attribuables aux contraintes psychosociales au travail : Une étude longitudinale de 22 ans auprès de 9 000 cols blancs., Chantal Brisson
    CT21 QC29: Burden Ethnographic Modeling Evaluation Qaujilisaaqtuq (BEMEQ) RSV, Rodica Gilca
    DecreAsing sedentary behaviour and inCreasing physical acTIvity fOr healthy ageing (ACTION) study, Denis Talbot
    Developing and evaluating a continuum of innovative interventions promoting health and social participation in older adults, André Tourigny
    Development and validation of Canadian health literacy measurement tool for chronic desease management, Louis-Philippe Boulet
    Development of an animal model, a protective vaccine and monoclonal antibodies against Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus, Gary Kobinger
    Développement d’une théorie de programme pour optimiser les partenariats de recherche avec les jeunes et les communautés autochtones en prévention et gestion du diabète, Marie-Claude Tremblay
    Développement et production de cours en ligne ouverts et massifs sur la santé des femmes, Mathieu Leboeuf
    Dissecting host-microbiome modifiers of type 2 diabetes risk and complications - Avis d'intention, André Marette
    Ensuring mission success and optimal aging: disentangling the impact of simulated microgravity on brain health, Simon Duchesne
    Environmental Contaminants and Adolescent Development.
    Équipe de cliniciens-chercheur sur la Recherche en prématurité : vers un dépistage précoce et une prise en charge personnalisée., Emmanuel Bujold
    Estradiol receptor alpha mediates sex-specific responses in an animal model of sleep apnea, Vincent Joseph
    Étude de l'impact de l'innervation cutanée dans le Psoriasis, François Berthod
    Evaluation of a peer-led eHealth wheelchair skills training program: Training to Enhance Adaptation and Management for Wheelchair users (TEAM Wheel), François Routhier
    Fathers Matter: A Prospective Study to Identify Determinants of Fathers' Engagement During Pregnancy, Tamarha Pierce
    Fonds de soutien du CERSSPL-UL pour chercheure-boursière, Caroline Sirois
    From Birth to Adulthood: The Risk and Protective Factors Leading to Mental Health Problems (MHPs) in a Representative Population Sample., Michel Boivin
    Functional and clinical characterization of PALMD calcific aortic valve stenosis risk locus, Patrick Mathieu
    Functional interaction between the androgen and the estrogen signalling pathways in prostate cancer, Étienne Audet-Walsh
    Generalized anxiety disorder in older adults : Efficacy of a self-help treatment guided by trained lay providers, Philippe Landreville
    Genomics of antimicrobial resistance and drug/target discovery, Marc Ouellette
    Heparin anticoagulation to improve outcomes in septic shock: The HALO International Phase II Trial, Alexis Turgeon-Fournier
    HIV Prevention for Gay and Bisexual Men : A Multisite Study and Development of New HIV Prevention Interventions, Michel Alary
    Inégalités sociales de santé mentale, contraintes psychosociales au travail, vie active et retraite: une étude prospective de 20 ans.
    Inégalités sociales, environnement psychosocial au travail, vie active, retraite et santé cardiovasculaire: une étude prospective de 20 ans chez 9000 femmes et hommes.
    In utero exposure to Bisphenol-A and the developing brain in humans: A longitudinal study of epigenetic mechanisms, Gina Muckle
    Investigation of the role of galectin-3 and its ligands in skeletal muscle strength, regeneration, and pathology, Sachiko Sato
    La modulation des ganglions de la base par les afférences neurochimiques du tronc cérébral : implication dans la physiopathologie des troubles du mouvement, Martin Parent
    ldentifying research priorities to better understanding the role of cognition for power mobility device use: ln pursuit of better screening, assessment and training tools, Krista Lynn Best
    Managing cancer pain during the opioid crisis: A multidisciplinary, cross-Canada knowledge dissemination and research planning initiative, Lynn Rollande Gauthier
    Mapping anti-mitochondrial antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus, Paul R. Fortin
    Mathematical Modeling and Epidemiology to inform HIV Program Science, Michel Alary
    Maximizing Mothers' Milk for Preterm Infants (MaxiMoM), Yves Pouliot
    Mechanisms of neuronal and vascular impairments in ischemic retinopathies, Vincent Pernet
    Modeling an approach to gender-conscious participatory action-oriented research and knowledge transfer favouring equality, equity and occupational/environmental health, Marie Bellemare
    Muscarinic receptor antagonisrn as a novel mechanism for sensory nerve repair, Yves De Koninck
    Omega-3 fatty acids in the prevention of breast cancer: role of obesity-related markers in breast tissues, Caroline Diorio
    Optimal Practices in Critical Care Neurology and Trauma, Alexis Turgeon-Fournier
    PARP inhibition in PAH: A Phase 1 clinical trial, Steeve Provencher
    Pathogenic roles of platelets in sepsis, Louis Flamand
    Perinatal research unit for a sustainable health of mother and child, Emmanuel Bujold
    Pharmacological Strategy to Prevent Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: Preventing the Effects of Serotonin on Heart Valves., Jonathan Beaudoin
    Plasticity of midbrain nuclei after spinal cord injury, Frédéric Bretzner
    Predicting neurodevelopmental disorders from childhood trajectories of endophenotypes and genetic determinants in children born to an affected parent, Alexandre Bureau
    Projet Q2017, Pierre Ayotte
    Qanuikkat Siqinirmiut, Christopher Fletcher
    Qanuikkat Siqinirmiut? A community-based study of southern Quebec Inuit health and wellbeing, Christopher Fletcher
    Quebec Network for lndigenous Health Research Mentorship, Christopher Fletcher
    Randomized control trials of neuromodulation to treat chronic low back pain and complex regional pain syndrome, Cyril Schneider
    Recherche participative intersectorielle, engagement des citoyens, des groupes vulnérables et des communautés autochtones dans la recherche, transformation des pratiques en santé et santé publique..., Marie-Claude Tremblay
    Research Program on the Epidemiology and Prevention of Human Papillomavirus Infection and Associated Cancers, Marc Brisson
    Role of exosomes in cellular communication in asthma, Jamila Chakir
    Role of the long non-coding RNA H19 as a novel biomarker and therapeutic target in right ventricular failure in pulmonary arterial hypertension, Olivier Boucherat
    Scaling up shared decision making for patient-centred care, France Légaré
    (SH07 QC22) Impact on infant'vaccine coverage of an educational intervention using motivational interviewing techniques delivered in maternity wards in Canada, Ève Dubé
    (SH08 QC22) Identifying effective communication materials to enhance vaccine acceptance
    (SH10 QC22) Determinants of HPV vaccine uptake in school-based programs in Canada
    Sino-Canada Hel Tl: A Multifaceted. Community-Family-Mother-Child Intervention Study for the Prevention ofthildhood Obesity, Isabelle Marc
    Soutien des facultés à l'Institut sur le vieillissement et la participation sociale des aînés (IVPSA), André Tourigny
    SQUEEZE Trial: a trial to determine whether septic shock reversal is quicker in pediatric patients randomized to an early goal directed fluid sparing strategy vs. usual care, Matthew John Weiss
    Strengthening the implementation of "Health in all policies" at the county/municipal level in Ontario and Quebec using realist explanatory case studies and knowledge mobilization, Alexandre Lebel
    Stromal Gene Expression Predicts And May Drive Metastasis in Prostate Cancer, Yves Fradet
    Supporting the creation of a LEARNing INteGrated health system to mobilize context-adapted knowledge with a Wiki platform to Improve the transitions of frail Seniors from emergency Departments to the cOMmunity: the LEARNING WISDOM program, Patrick Archambault
    Suppression of regulatory B cells by neutrophils in a model of multiple sclerosis, Luc Vallières
    Targeting sex mitochondrial asymmetry to explain sex-specific consequences of intermittent hypoxia in newborns, Jorge Soliz
    The ECHO (Environment, Community, Health Observatory): Strengthening intersectoral capacity to understand and respond to health impacts of resource development, Mélanie Lemire
    The Fit-for-Fertility Multicenter Randomized-Controlled Trial: Improving Reproductive, Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Women with Obesity and Infertility, Nils Chaillet
    The Reach Network, Annie Leblanc
    Transfusion in traumatic brain injury (TSiTBI Trial), François Lauzier
    Travail de nuit et difficultés de sommeil : déterminants psychosociaux et intervention psychologique., Annie Vallières
    Unraveling sensory coding dysfunctions that underlie chronic pain, Yves De Koninck
    Unravelling proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) mechanisms in calcific aortic valve disease: from aortic valve sclerosis to stenosis, Benoît Arsenault
    Untangling tau contribution to cognitive impairments in Huntington’s disease., Francesca Cicchetti
    Unveiling the role of alpha-synuclein clustering and Lewy body formation in Parkinson’s disease pathogenesis using an optogenetic-mediated protein aggregation system, Abid Oueslati
    Using mathematical modeling and health economics to evaluate and optimize infectious disease prevention strategies., Marc Brisson
    Vers des approches plus efficientes en prévention du VIH et en santé reproductive au travers une approche d’équité en santé: programme de recherche interventionnelle chez les femmes travailleuses du sexe en Afrique de l’Ouest., Michel Alary
    Vibrissa motion: motor strategies and facial expressions, Martin Deschênes