Projets(s) de recherche, responsable
    Broad and Deep Analyses in Neurodegeneration (BRAIN), Martine Simard
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en neuroimmunologie, Serge Rivest
    Clinical outcomes and predictors of PITuitary disorders in patients with moderate and severe Traumatic Brain Injury: the PIT-TBI prospective multicenter pilot cohort study., François Lauzier
    From pathogenic pathways to novel therapeutic strategies in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis., Jean-Pierre Julien
    Jeux de hasard et d'argent : responsabilités et société, Annie-Claude Savard
    Optical phenotyping laboratory to identify new high-risk biomarkers of major psychiatric disorders: phase 2
    Soutien à l'École d'été et à la Journée scientifique du CINQ, Philip Jackson
    Targeting microglia-synapse interactions to rescue brain circuits elimination and cognitive dysfunction, Marie-Ève Tremblay
    The PREvention Program for Alzheimer's RElated Delirium (PREPARED) Cluster Randomized Trial, Philippe Voyer
    Therapeutic properties of innate immune cells and system for brain diseases., Serge Rivest