Projets(s) de recherche, responsable
    Design and optimization of a sustainable process for nitrogen recovery from organic waste, Céline Vaneeckhaute
    Development and validation of a decision-support tool for setting up optimal organic waste valorization chains in Québec, Céline Vaneeckhaute
    Getting Out the Children's Vote: Engaging Children and their Families in the 2018 Quebec Election, François Gélineau
    Integration and optimization of resource recovery processes to sustainably produce chemicals and energy from waste (water) flows, Céline Vaneeckhaute
    Model-based optimization of water resource recovery facilities, Peter Vanrolleghem
    Modélisation des procédés par biofiltration : une nouvelle approche, Paul Lessard
    Optimisation de la technologie du verre cellulaire à des fins de protection des infrastructures de transport en régions froides., Guy Doré
    Towards a rational design to sanitation systems in developing countries, Caetano Chang Dorea
    Waste2Feed - Resource recovery from bio-waste as high-efficiency fertilizers for food production, Peter Vanrolleghem