Génome Québec

630, boulevard René-Lévesque ouest
Suite 2660
Montréal, Québec
H3B 1S6
Adresse Internet : http://www.Genomequebec.com

  Programme(s) de recherche actif(s)

  Projet(s) actif(s)
    A genetic toolbox for tomato flavour differentiation
    A metagenomic approach to evaluate the impact of cheesemaking technologies and ripening conditions on the microbial ecosystem of premium washed rind cheeses
    A syst-Omics approach to ensuring food safety and reducing the economic burden of salmonellosis
    BioSurveillance of Alien Forest Enemies (bioSAFE)
    Chips for better chops : Commercial application of genomics for accelerated swine genetic improvement
    CoAdap Tree: Healthy trees for future climates
    Development of a CRISPR/Cas9 based therapy for hereditary diseases:
    Diagnostic moléculaire rapide pour le contrôle des infections acquises à l'hôpital et ou multirésistantes.
    Discovery and validation of biomarkers to predict the outcome of influenza
    Enhancing production in Coho : Culture Community Cath (EPIC4)
    IBD Genomic Medicine Consortium (iGenoMed): translating genetic discoveries into a personalized approach to treating the inflammatory bowel diseases
    PEGASUS-2 - PErsonalized Genomics for prenatal Abnormalities Screening USing maternal blood : Towards First Tier Screening and Beyon
    PEGASUS : Personalized Genomics for prenatal aneuploidy screening using maternal blood
    Personalized Risk Assessment for Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer : Integration and Implementation (PERSPECTIVE II)
    Personalized risk stratification for prevention and early detection of breast cancer
    Préférences sociétales concernant la divulgation des découvertes fortuites issues de la génomique clinique : Perspectives de patients atteints de cancer et de la population générale
    Projet FastTRAC
    Protecting Canada's forests against Invasive Alien Species by Next Generation Biosurveillance
    SoyaGen: Improving yield and disease resistance in short-season soybean
    Spruce-up : Advanced spruce genomics for productive and resilient forests
    Sustaining and securing Canada's honey bees using omics tools