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  Projet(s) actif(s)
    A comprehensive genotype-phenotype map of a eukaryotic complexome
    Adhésion aux recommandations visant la saine alimentation: identification des mesures, déterminants et interventions
    Adjuvantization of SIV antigens using a novel toll like receptor 7 (TLR7) agonist: A proof of concept in non human primates
    Adult Health Outcomes in Male and Female Victims of School Bullying: A Longitudinal and Genetically Informed Study of Underlying Bio-Physiological Mechanisms
    Age- and sex-specific contribution of nuclear or membrane progesterone receptors on respiratory control in mice.
    Age of Blood in Children in Pediatric Intensive Care Units (ABC-PICU): a multicenter international pragmatic double blind randomized clinical ...
    Analysis of T cell reservoirs in visceral tissues of pathogenic and non-pathogenic primate models of lentiviral SIV infection
    Analysis of the functions of the ERK/MAPK pathway in lung development and pathogenesis
    A national study of opportunities and obstacles to successful community reintegration of forensic patients
    An autologous cell therapy approach to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy using engineered muscle tissue derived from induced pluripotent stem cells
    Androgen receptor activation by glucocorticoid metabolite : a novel player in the physiopathology of respiratory distress syndrome in neonates
    An integrated self-referral el_heath strategy for improving rapid and direct access to youth mental health services: A stepped-wedge, cluster randomized controles trial in six canadian health care selfings
    An international multi-center prospective, inception cohort study of neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus (NPSLE)
    A Pilot Randomized-Controlled Trial of Lipoprotein(a) Lowering for the Prevention of Aortic Valve Disease - Translating genomic knowledge for cardiovascular prevention
    A pragmatic randomized controlled trial of group transdiagnostic cognitive-behaviour therapy for anxiety disorders in primary care
    A randomized trial of enteral glutamine to minimize thermal injury (the RE-ENERGIZE Study)
    A research program on the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of respiratory and herpes viruses
    Beta arrestin mediated dopamine signaling for psychiatric drugs discovery.
    Biological embedding of childhood adversity and its long-lasting impact on mental health: A longitudinal study of a population-based sample adolescents
    Body-Environment Proximity Measurement: An integrated approach to measuring mobility deficits for assessment and treatment.
    Canada-Wide Human nutrition trialists' network
    Canadian Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Prevention Intervention Network (CAF-SPIN)
    Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging - Full proposal
    Canadian Immunization Research Network SSHN: Vaccine Hesitancy - Qestionnaire Study - Code: SH03 QC22
    Canadian Network for Advanced interdisciplinary Methods for Prospective Studies of Drug Safety and Effectiveness.
    Canadian Program for Monitoring Overuse in Injury Care
    Canadian Team to Improve Community-Based Cancer Care along the Continuum (CanIMPACT)
    Canadian Traumatic brain injury Research Consortium
    CD200 dysregulation in asthma: potential for therapy?
    Cell Response and Wound Healing Through Electrical Stimulation Mediated by Conductive Scaffold
    Cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating dopmaminergic circuit formation.
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en biologie de la chromatine et épigénétique moléculaire
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en biomodélisation et traitement des maladies du cerveau
    Chaire de recherche du Canada EN CELLULES SOUCHES ET GÉNIE TISSULAIRE
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en Cognitive Neuroplasticity
    Chaire de Recherche du Canada en décision partagée et application des connaissances
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en douleur chronique et troubles cérébraux associés
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en Genomics of cardio-respiratory diseases
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en génomique transcriptionnelle
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en immunothérapie et plateformes vaccinales innovantes
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en maladies valvulaires cardiaques
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en Medical genomics
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en neurodégénérescence
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en neuroimmunologie
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en oncogénétique
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en pharmacogénomique
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en physiopathologie de la mort cellulaire dans les interactions Hôtes/Pathogènes. Approches fondamentales et thérapeutiques
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en plasticité neuroimmunitaire en santé et thérapie
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en Protéomique du Cancer
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en soins intensifs neurologiques et traumatologie
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en technologies et pratiques en santé
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en Translational research in pulmonary arterial hypertension
    Chaire de recherche du Canada sur la génomique appliquée à la nutrition et à la santé métabolique
    Chaire de recherche du Canada sur la résistance aux antiantimicrobiens
    Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les maladies rhumatismales auto immunes systémiques
    Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les troubles du sommeil
    Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les virus en émergence et la résistance aux antiviraux
    Chaire d'excellence en recherche du Canada en neurophotonique
    Chaire du recherche du Canada en immuno-rétrovirologie humaine
    Challenges to the vulnerable child in the transitions from preschool in a pregnacy cohort
    Characterisation and roles of isoprostanes in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia.
    CIHR University Delegates Network - Délégué UL Marc Pouliot
    CIRN: Improve the evidence-base for immunization decisions in Canada and outbreak preparedness through improved mathematical models of infectious diseases (MD01 QC23) - Études des contacts sociaux et sexuels au Canada pour améliorer le ....
    Clinical and molecular heterogeneity of Paget's disease of bone.
    Clinical application of a novel molecule that expands human cord blood stem cells
    Comprendre le rôle des cellules immunitaires dans le psoriasis grâce au génie tissulaire
    Connecting Emergency Departments with Community services to prevent mobility losses in pre-frail & frail Seniors (CEDeComS)
    Connecting the Cell-Type Specific Chromosome Architecture to Gene Regulation, Development and Diseases
    Contribution of the orphan receptor NR4A1 in the control of influenza virus infection and lung inflammation.
    Control of Genome Expression and Maintenance by MYST-ING Tumor Suppressor Complexes.
    Corneal transplantation: The traditional paradigm revisited
    Correction of the DMD gene with the CRISPR/Cas9 technology: restoring the reading frame and production of a dystrophin protein with an adequate structure.
    Correction of the dystrophin gene with Zinc Finger Proteins and TAL effector nuclease
    Corticothalamic oscillations during sleep and waking behavioral states, from sleep-dependent plasticity to memory consolidation.
    Coûts des maladies cardiovasculaires et des problèmes de santé mentale attribuables aux contraintes psychosociales au travail : Une étude longitudinale de 22 ans auprès de 9 000 cols blancs.
    CRISM-Québec-Maritime: Research on interventions in drug misuse
    CV04 QC03 - CANVAS Network - Surveillance of adverse events following immunization among children and adults immunized with the influenza vaccine
    Deciphering breast cancer HER2-negativity with regard to HER2-targeted therapy
    Deciphering the role of autophagy in neuronal migration and maturation
    DecreAsing sedentary behaviour and inCreasing physical acTIvity fOr healthy ageing (ACTION) study
    Defective prostaglandin biosynthesis pathways and abnormal crosstalk at the endometrial/peritoneal interface: role in the pathophysiology of endometriosis.
    Defining the molecular basis of chemoradiation sensitivity in HPV+ head and neck cancers
    Depression 2 to 4 years after traumatic brain injury: a longitudinal study of psychosocial predictors, impacts, and barriers to access mental health resources.
    Design for Better Health: User-Centred Design and Evaluation of Interactive Media for Health Education, Communication and Decision-Making
    Des institutions et des femmes: Evolution du nursing psychiatrique au Québec, 1912-1974
    Detailed functional study of Argonaute proteins in microRNA-mediated gene regulation.
    Déterminants moléculaires de la lécithine rétinol acyltransférase responsables de la dégénérescence des photorécepteurs
    Determinants of metabolic recovery following bariatric surgery in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus
    Development and validation of Canadian health literacy measurement tool for chronic desease management
    Development of a first-in-class drug against ejaculatory disorders
    Development of an animal model, a protective vaccine and monoclonal antibodies against Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus
    Development of a safe, effective and clinically acceptable VSV-based HIV vaccine
    Développement d’un traitement sélectif de l’endométriose : Étude du potentiel du premier inhibiteur irréversible de la 17beta-HSD1 chez le primate
    Développement et utilisation de biomarqueurs permettant l'évaluation de l'exposition solaire accumulée par les yeux humains.
    Diagnosis, prognosis and classification of retinopathies : Comparing time-amplitude (TAD) with time-frequency domain (TFD) analyses of the electroretinogram
    Directing cellular identity to move towards progenitor cell therapies.
    Directing Cellular Identity to Move Towards Progenitor Cell Therapies
    Dissemination of the Lupus Interactive Navigator - Measuring its uptake and impact on global health and self-care
    Dopamine and Risk for Addictions
    Drug resistance mechanisms in the human pathogen Leishmania
    ED Ultrasonographic Regional Anesthesia to prevent Incident Delirium in Hip Fracture Patients (EDU_RAPID)
    Effect of environmental contaminants and methylome of breast adipose tissue on aromatase inhibitor efficacy in breast cancer
    Effect of free sugar replacement with non-nutritive sweeteners (NNS) on metabolic health of high sugar sweetened beverages (SSB) consumers: potential role of the gut microbiome
    Effect of pain on the motor system: Neural mechanisms and implications for rehabilitation
    Effect of the gut microbiota and their generated metabolites on HIV-1 biology in CD4+ T cells.
    Elucidating the role of alpha2beta1 integrin in the chemoresistance of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
    End-of-life ethical deliberations : Characterization of interprofessional clinical practices.
    Endothelial progenitor cell adhesion to biomimetic vascular substitutes
    Enhancing adherence to adjuvant endocrine therapy among breast cancer survivors: Pilot study of the S.O.I.E. program
    Environmental Contaminants and Adolescent Development.
    Équipe de cliniciens-chercheur sur la Recherche en prématurité : vers un dépistage précoce et une prise en charge personnalisée.
    ÉQUIpes Patients, Proches aidants, Soignants (ÉQUIPPS) en Groupes de Médecine Familiale (GMF) : ÉQUIPPS-GMF
    Étude pilote sur l'association du pessaire et de la progestérone afin de prévenir la prématurité spontanée
    Evaluation and development of policies to promote integration and job retention of people with disabillities
    Évaluation des besoins des chercheurs, cliniciens et décideurs en soins primaires pour des outils de connaissances et des stratégies d’application des connaissances
    Evaluation of the association between hospital resource use intensity and quality of care in a trauma system.
    Examen de profils chez les patientes présentant une anorexie mentale et réponses aux interventions : études multicentrique.
    Exploring the functions of the Bub1 and BubR1 kinases during mitosis.
    Exploring the role of phosphoinositides in the trafficking of proteins to the apical complex in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.
    Exposition cumulée aux stresseurs psychosociaux, marqueurs inflammatoires, télomères et fonction cognitive : une étude prospective de 20 ans
    Expression profiling in antibiotic resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae
    Father's lasting influence:Molecular foundations of intergenerational transmission of the paternal environment
    Finding the molecular drivers of calcific aortic valve stenosis
    First-trimester prediction of preeclampsia and other placenta-mediated pregnancy complications
    Formation enrichie en collaboration avec le réseau de soins et services de santé de première ligne
    Formation et soutien en évaluation économique et économie de la santé pour les chercheurs, décideurs et professionnels de la santé
    Four Year Embedded Clinician Researcher Program
    From pathogenic pathways to novel therapeutic strategies in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
    (FRQS 70782) Biological markers of altered emotional regulation in chronic insomnia and their relationship with treatment responses to cognitive behavioural therapy
    Full resolution metabolic disease epigenomics in human populations
    Functional dissection of the microRNA pathway.
    Function of the glucuronosyltransferase pathway in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    Functions of platelets and microparticles in inflammation.
    Functions of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases in DNA double-strand break processing and pathway choice.
    Generating innovation through the use of common data: Improving the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric and adolescent mild traumatic brain injury in Canada.
    Genetic dissection of conserved cross talks among pathways involved in human diseases in a model system
    Genetic imprinting in calcific aortic valve disease: role of H19.
    Genetics and functional genomics to dissect the molecular basis of bicuspid aortic valves.
    HIV-1 reservoir in the CNS: mode of establishment and consequences of purging strategies on this reservoir.
    HIV Prevention for Gay and Bisexual Men : A Multisite Study and Development of New HIV Prevention Interventions
    Identification of Novel Prognosis Biomarkers in Stem cell Transplantation and Prostate Cancer.
    Immunosuppressive function of S100A8 in arthritis.
    Impacts des cours prénataux de groupe et en ligne : vers une optimisation des services
    Impaired systemic angiogenesis in pulmonary arterial hypertension.
    Implantation et évaluation du modèle Recovery College : un nouveau modèle d’accès aux connaissances et de soutien à
    Implementing shared decision making in interprofessional home care teams.
    Implication of atherosclerotic pathways and metabolic risk factors in the structural deterioration of bioprosthetic heart valves-II
    Implication of DEPTOR in the regulation of glucose/lipid homeostasis
    Importance of tissue-resident memory (Trm) CD8 T cells in controlling SIV infection in mucosal sites of viral entry.
    Improving quality of care during transport of sick neonates: A national collaborative partnership for outcome improvement and system enhancement
    Improving the outcome of rehabilitation following rotator cuff tendinopathy.
    Individual phenotypes of chronic pain: the dynamic pain connectome towards painmeter development and neuroethics
    Inégalités sociales de santé mentale, contraintes psychosociales au travail, vie active et retraite: une étude prospective de 20 ans.
    Inégalités sociales, environnement psychosocial au travail, vie active, retraite et santé cardiovasculaire: une étude prospective de 20 ans chez 9000 femmes et hommes.
    Influence of diet on early life gut virome - a key player in shaping the gut microbiota
    Inhibitory control of hippocampal inhibitory circuits: cellular mechanisms and function
    Insomnia : research innovations to optimize treatment outcome in primary care
    Institut des maladies infectieuses et immunitaires des IRSC
    Integration of human herpesvirus type 6 into chromosomes: Mechanisms and consequences.
    Integrative Epigenomics of Obesity and Metabolic Complications - The Obesity Epigenomics Trilateral Project (EpiTriO)
    Interactions between astrocytoma cells and blood vessels.
    Intercepting the "childhood risk syndrome" of schizophrenia and mood disorders along the developmental trajectory: A preclinical staging of children and adolescents at genetic risk
    Interplay between homologous recombination and anti-recombination activities at broken DNA replication forks and genomic instability.
    In utero exposure to Bisphenol-A and the developing brain in humans: A longitudinal study of epigenetic mechanisms
    Investigating electroretinography(ERG) as a new method for predicting conversion to psychosis in youth at clinical high risk.
    Investigating sex-specific differences in a T cell-driven mouse model of MS.
    Investigating the role of gating pore current in cardiac arrhythmias associated with dilated cardiomyopathy
    In vivo genome editing as a novel class of human therapeutics to treat pediatric metabolic disorders.
    Isoprostanes and phospholipases A2: Roles in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia
    IUCPQ application for Core Clinical Center for CTSN network
    La collaboration des patients et citoyens au Centre d'accompagnement en santé durable
    La modulation des ganglions de la base par les afférences neurochimiques du tronc cérébral : implication dans la physiopathologie des troubles du mouvement
    Large-scale, high-resolution light-sheet microscope for whole brain connectomics.
    Les cellules souches épithéliales et le génie tissulaire : de la recherche fondamentale à la recherche clinique.
    L'évaluation d'impact sur la santé comme vecteur d'intervention intersectorielle en aménagement du territoire
    Long-term immunogenicity and clinical efficacy of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine in HIV positive girls and women
    Maternal Omega-3 supplementation to reduce Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in very Preterm Infants : A Randomized controlled trial (MOBYDIck trial).
    mATrICES-F: ApplicaTIons des Connaissances axée sur le gEnre et le Sexe des personnes en contexte Francophone
    Maximizing Mothers' Milk for Preterm Infants (MaxiMoM)
    Mécanisme d'abolition de l'activité enzymatique des mutants de la lécithine rétinol acyltransférase qui ménent à la rétinite pigmentaire et l'amaurose congénitale de Leber
    Mechanism of Ribosomal RNA Gene Silencing and Its Roles in Pluripotency and Cancer
    Mechanisms and regulation of DNA end resection in mammalian cells
    Mechanisms of antiviral drug resistance for Herpesviruses.
    Mechanisms of Aspergillus induced chronic airway disease
    Mechanisms of CAMKI and AMPK antagonistic action in steroidogenesis
    Mechanisms of dendritic integration and plasticity in GABAergic inhibitory interneurons
    Mechanisms of therapeutic efficacy of deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease
    Medicaid Expansion Associated with a Decrease in Personal Bankruptcy Filings
    microRNA-132: from underlying mechanism of neurodegeneration to therapeutic application in Huntington’s disease
    MicroRNA-15 dysregulation in sporadic Alzheimer's disease : testing the "multiple hit" hypothesis in neurodegenerative disorders
    Minimally-invasive, wireless, multimodal micro-optrodes for brain sensing
    Mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum contacts and cristae dynamics in health and disease
    Mobilizing the healthcare community towards an integrated approach to improving outcomes of patients with sleep disorders - Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network (CSCN)
    Modulation and effects of IGFBP-2 on brown adipose tissue thermogenesis
    Modulation of cell metabolism : Role of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT1A) proteins
    Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Arginine Methylation and RNA Binding proteins in Health and Disease
    Molecular mechanism-based study for the sex-specific susceptibility in blood cancer.
    Molecular mechanisms of adipose tissue development
    Molecular mechanisms orchestrating epithelial cell polarity.
    Motor control: Brainstem control of locomotion
    Moving Knowledge into action for more effective practice, programs and Policy: A research program focusing on integrated knowledge translation
    Multi-center randomized placebo-controlled trial of nocturnal oxygen therapy in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - The International Nocturnal Oxygen (INOX) trial
    Mutant protein spread in Huntington's disease and its implications for other neurodegenerative disorders of the CNS.
    Neonatal stress and the neuroendocrine basis for sex-specific panic-related respiratory disorder in rat.
    Neuronal mechanisms of stress-induced overeating.
    Neuroprotection and immunomodulation in the enteric nervous system for the treatment of Parkinson's disease
    Neurosciences and the Afterlife of Death: Re-imagining Notions of Suicide Risk.
    New roads taken to identify and study the biological significance of host-derived molecules incorporated in HIV-1.
    Novel Approaches for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Aortic Valve Stenosis.
    Omega current underlies SCN5A mutations associated with complex cardiac arrhythmias and dilated cardiomyopathy.
    One carbon metabolism in the human parasite Leishmania.
    Optical nanoscopy of cytoskeletal and synaptic remodeling in neurons
    Optimal Practices in Critical Care Neurology and Trauma
    Optimizing physician training in motivational communication (MC) skills for health behavior change
    Optimizing the use of real-world cost, utilization and cost-effectiveness data when conducting health technology reassessments
    Outiller à la sécurisation culturelle les professionnels de santé travaillant avec les patients autochtones diabétiques
    Partenariat Unité SOUTIEN-SRAP du Québec avec Réseau-1 Québec pour définir, déployer et renforcer l’approche de facilitation de recherche axée sur le patient à l’intérieur des réseaux de recherche axée sur pratiques de 1ère ligne (RRAPPL)
    Pathogenesis and treatment of obesity-linked inflammation, insulin resistance and cardiometabolic complications.
    Pathogenic Pathways and in-vitro modelization of Intracranial Aneurysms in populations of Inuit and French Canadian descent
    PEGASUS : Personalized Genomics for prenatal aneuploidy screening using maternal blood
    Penetrating wound induced epileptogenesis.
    Performance et équité dans le continuum de santé, soins et services périnataux
    Personalized risk stratification for prevention and early detection of breast cancer
    Personalizing Radionuclide Therapy of Neuroendocrine Tumours.
    PHAC / CIHR Influenza Research Network
    Pharmacogenomics of human UDP-glucuronosyltransferases: From single genetic polymorphisms to a complex regulation of enzyme function
    Phase I/II clinical trial of myoblast transplantation to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients.
    Plasticity of inhibition in spinal sensory pathways.
    Plateforme stratégique pour faciliter l’engagement dans la recherche de patients autochtones vivant avec le diabète
    Platelets and their microparticles: versatile players of inflammation.
    Platform 3 B - Image acquisition and quality control
    Possible outcomes of Leishmania co-infection on HIV-1 immunopathogenesis, latency and reactivation.
    Possible outcomes of Leishmania co-infection on HIV-1 immunopathogenesis, latency and reactivation.
    Postprandial energy metabolism of brown fat in humans
    Post-transcriptional regulatory networks coordinating developmental gene expression in the human pathogen Leishmania
    Prevention and control of chronic and respiratory viral diseases using PapMV nanoparticles.
    Probing for sphingosine-1 phosphate signalling in asthma
    Processus d'aide à la décision, gestion du risque obstétrical et du mode d'accouchement après césarienne au Québec (PRISMA).
    Prohibitin: a circulating mitokine involved in the Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Syndrome.
    Projet FreeDom (FreeO2 à domicile). Mise au point et évaluation d'une stratégie innovante de prise en charge pour réduire la durée d'hospitalisation au cours des exacerbations de MPOC: retour précoce à domicile en combinant le sevrage..
    Projet pilote d'Équipes de Soins Primaires intégrées (ESPI) au Québec : évaluation d'implantation et d'effets
    Promoting implementation of evidence-based care
    Pronostic biopsychosocial des douleurs thoraciques inexpliquées suite à une consultation dans une unité d'urgence.
    PURE-MIND: A Population-based Study of Covert Cerebrovascular Disease and Its Contribution to Age-Related Cognitive Decline
    Quebec Knowledge Network in integrated primary health care (Réseau-1 Québec)
    Randomized control trials of neuromodulation to treat chronic low back pain and complex regional pain syndrome
    Randomized trial comparing radical hysterectomy and pelvic node dissection vs simple hysterectomy and pelvic node dissection in patients with low risk cervical cancer defined as lesions measuring less than 2 cm with less than 50% stromal in
    Regulation and mechanism of action of transcription factor GATA4 in reproduction.
    Repurposing acute therapies for enhanced recovery after spinal cord injury RATER-SCI
    Research Program in Antimicrobial Resistance
    Research Program on the Epidemiology and Prevention of Human Papillomavirus Infection and Associated Cancers
    Resynchronization/defibrillation for Ambulatory Heart Failure Trial in patients with Permanent AF (RAFT-PermAF)
    Risk Calculator
    RNA Binding Protein Regulation of Cellular Migration and Adhesion During Cancer Cell Dissemination and Metastases Formation.
    Role of autotaxin bound to platelet-derived microparticles to development of vascular damage in arthritis.
    Role of developing hippocampus in organizing prefrontal cortical functions.
    Role of eIF4E-4GI translation initiation complexes in stress granules formation and downstream ATF4 expression: implication in cancer cells resistance to anti-cancer drugs-mediated cell death
    Role of follicular CD8 T cells in the control of HIV/SIV mucosal immunity
    Role of intestinal microenvironment and insulin resistance in postprandial dyslipidemia in humans
    Role of NOD-like receptors in lung immune response against respiratory virus infection
    Role of the innate immune system and evaluation of immunomodulatory strategies in herpes simplex virus encephalitis.
    Role or the autonomic nervous system and renin angiotensin system in chronic aortic valve regurgitation.
    Roles of exercise-induced gene, SPARC, against sarcopenia: Link between extracellular matrix and mitochondria.
    Roles of the tumor suppressor PALB2 at the crossroads of DNA double-strand break repair and synthetic lethal strategies
    RUNX2-related Pulmonary Artery Remodeling and Calcification in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.
    Severe influenza in infants, children and youths : Role of clinical and epidemiologic risk factors
    Sex-specific regulation of food intake: the role of relaxin-3
    Shifting the paradigm of spinal cord quantitative MRI
    Signal integration and action potential coding in hippocampal microcircuits.
    Sino-Canada Hel Tl: A Multifaceted. Community-Family-Mother-Child Intervention Study for the Prevention ofthildhood Obesity
    Skeletal muscle dysfunction in COPD - renouvellement
    SPOR Network in Diabetes and its Related Complications
    STandard versus Accelerated initiation of Renal Replacement Therapy in Acute Kidney Injury (STARRT-AKI).
    Stratégies de réparation des transsections des nerfs périphériques par génie tissulaire
    Substituted phenyl alkylureas as new potent antipsoriatic drugs: Mechanism of action and structure-activity relationships.
    Supporting the creation of a LEARNing INteGrated health system to mobilize context-adapted knowledge with a Wiki platform to Improve the transitions of frail Seniors from emergency Departments to the cOMmunity: the LEARNING WISDOM program
    Supporting the creation of a LEARNing INteGrated health system to mobilize context-adapted knowledge with a Wiki platform to Improve the transitions of frail Seniors from from hospitals and emergency Departments to the cOMmunity : The ...
    Suppression of inaccurate transcription: Mechanisms, regulation and role of Spt2/Spt6/Spn1 complex
    Synaptic signaling and remodeling by CaM kinase II
    Targeted delivery into brain capillary endothelial cells for the treatment of Alzheimer disease
    Targeted Proteomics Analysis of the Adaptor Protein Grb2 Signaling Network Dynamics in Breast Cancer.
    Targeting microglia-synapse interactions to rescue brain circuits elimination and cognitive dysfunction
    Tau protein in neurobiology: regulation and deregulation in vivo.
    Team 11 Project : Prevention and Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms : Development of a cross-Canada network of long-term care facilities to study the prevention and treatment of neuropsychiatric symptoms
    Team 1A: Transforming the CCNA Compass-ND cross-sectional cohort study into a longitudinal study
    The amyloid and beyond; A molecular answer to forget me not.
    The Canadian Critical Care Trials Group
    The Canadian HIV Cure Enterprise (CanCURE)
    The Canadian National Transplant Research Program : Increasing Donation and Improving Transplantation Outcomes
    The Canadian Research Data Centre Network : Evolving to Meet New Research Data Needs and Policy Priorities
    The characterization of MICL, a novel negative regulator of the immune response in arthritis.
    The control of whisker motion in rodents.
    The critical role of human metapneumovirus fusion protein in the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of childhood viral infections.
    The effect of an enhanced dietary portfolio flus exercise on cardiovascular risk in high risk individuals
    The Health of Montreal Inuit: A Participatory Mixed-Methods Population Health Survey and Action Agenda
    The molecular basis for the Warburg effect in pulmonary hypertension.
    The National CIHR Hepatisis C Network (NCHCN)
    The physiology of adult neural stem cells
    The PREvention Program for Alzheimer's RElated Delirium (PREPARED) Cluster Randomized Trial
    Therapeutic potential of obeticholic acid for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer
    Therapeutic properties of innate immune cells and system for brain diseases.
    The reversibility of vasectomy used for contraception in men.
    The role of autotaxin and lysophosphatidic acid in the development of calcific aortic valve disease
    The role of DEPTOR in the energy balance regulation.
    The role of different sub-population of adult-born neurons in the olfactory bulb network functioning and odor behavior.
    The role of long non-coding RNAs in defining pluripotent stem cell states
    The role of TGF-beta in spinal cord damage and repair.
    The role of transcription factors Nur77 and retinoid X receptor (RXR) in the effect of antipsychotic drugs.
    The study of tobacco smoking and reward seeking using noninvasive brain stimulation and magnetic resonance imaging.
    To study the function of the disease gene TNR in the mouse model in association with cerebellar ataxia with intellectual disability
    Toward nutritional and epigenomic interventions in prostate cancer prevention and management
    Towards a comprehensive model of Spindle Assembly Checkpoint silencing
    Tranexamic acid during cystectomy trial (TACT)
    Transcriptional regulators of Leydig cell differentiation and function.
    Transforming community-Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC) Knowledge and Knowledge Tools to address patient-generated priorities through the involvement of patients, the public, researchers and healthcare providers
    Transfusion in traumatic brain injury (TSiTBI Trial)
    Transfusion requirement in cardiac surgery III (TRICS III)
    Transition from acute to chronic neuroinflammation
    Translational approach to establish the cardiometabolic health effects and mechanisms of action of fish nutrients: from animal models to obese insulin-resistant subjects
    Travail de nuit et difficultés de sommeil : déterminants psychosociaux et intervention psychologique.
    Understanding the behavioral and cerebral changes associated with pain empathy and its modulation in caregivers.
    Unité support du Québec: Un soutien pour la recherche axée sur le patient.
    Uniting traditional ways and science around medicinal plants/foods for the better prevention and management of Type 2 diabetes in Canadian First Nations
    Un réseau de recherche et d'intervention interdisciplinaire pour optimiser la participation au travail et la santé au travail des 45 ans et plus dans le secteur de la santé et des services sociaux
    Use of adipose-derived stem cells and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to enhance healing of skin wounds in irradiated tissues
    Using mathematical modeling and health economics to evaluate and optimize infectious disease prevention strategies.
    Validation of a clinical decision rule integrating the use of biomarkers for early detection of persistent symptoms after a MTBI
    Vers des approches plus efficientes en prévention du VIH et en santé reproductive au travers une approche d’équité en santé: programme de recherche interventionnelle chez les femmes travailleuses du sexe en Afrique de l’Ouest.
    Will mild vs. moderate physical activity suffice to abate the progression of subclinical atherosclerosis in sedentary adults?
    WP1: Transforming the creation of CBPHC knowledge tools
    WP3: Implementing knowledge tools in CBPHC