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  Programme(s) de recherche actif(s)

  Projet(s) actif(s)
    Accessible and Cost Effective Psychosocial Health Interventions for Canadians
    ACHRU Community Partnership Program for Diabetes Self-Management for Older Adults - Canada
    Adherence and preference of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure versus Mandibular Advancement Splints in Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients : a randomized trial
    Adult Health Outcomes in Male and Female Victims of School Bullying: A Longitudinal and Genetically Informed Study of Underlying Bio-Physiological Mechanisms
    Advancing the Care of Patients with Musculoskeletal Injuries Worlwide through Multi-National Research Initiatives
    A foundation grant for bridging the mutation and interactome landscapes of the eukaryotic cell
    A gender transformative approach to improve outcomes and equity among persons with Traumatic Brain Injury
    Age-related patterns in the experience of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy
    Airway smooth muscle tone on asthmatic airway hyperresponsiveness
    Aldosterone antagonism and enhanced Clearance for Health Improvement EValuation in End-stage renal disease (ACHIEVE) Trial
    A multimodal seizure detection artificial intelligence-based smart wear
    A national study of opportunities and obstacles to successful community reintegration of forensic patients
    Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage - Red Blood Cell Transfusion and Outcome (SAHaRA):A Randomized Controlled Trial
    An integrative brain health model for the individual prediction of cognitive decline
    A novel approach to treating inflammatory bowel diseases through the blocking of P2Y6 receptors
    Apixaban for the Reduction of Thrombo-Embolism in Patients with Device-Detected Sub-clinical Atrial Fibrillation
    A pragmatic randomized controlled trial of group transdiagnostic cognitive-behaviour therapy for anxiety disorders in primary care
    A Pre-Clinical Research for Treatment of Prematurity and BronchoPulmonary Dysplasia through Intracrinology
    A randomized controlled effectiveness trial of urine CXCL10 chemokine monitoring post-renal transplant
    A randomized trial of enteral glutamine to minimize thermal injury (the RE-ENERGIZE Study)
    A Randomized Trial of Regional Radiotherapy in Luminal A Breast Cancer
    A Rapid Analytics Platform for Influenza Vaccine Evaluation and Translational Research
    A research program on the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of respiratory and herpes viruses
    Arterial stiffness gradient as a new index of vascular aging: impact of blood pressure lowering medication
    A Smart Surveillance Strategy for Carbapenem-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa - SAMPAN
    Assessing the effectiveness of an approach based on the meanings of vocal behaviours in older people living with Alzheimer’s disease in long-term care facilities: DECIBELS Project
    A unique model to assess the oral transfer of dietary microRNAs
    Automated screening, triage, and follow-up to facilitate proactive, personalized postpartum mental health treatment for new parents.
    A virtual reality and field training toolkit to enhance community ambulation and participation in stroke survivors
    Bacteremia Antibiotic Length Actually Needed for Clinical Effectiveness (BALANCE): A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
    Biological sex, sex chromosomes and heart failure
    Biology of S100A8 and S100A9 proteins in Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia
    Blockbuster Diagnostics? The political economy of diagnostic innovation in comparative perspective
    BRD4 Inhibition in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: a Phase 2 Clinical Trial
    Broad and Deep Analyses in Neurodegeneration (BRAIN)
    Canada Excellence Research Chair on the microbiome-endocannabinoidome connection in metabolic health
    Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Sleep Medicine
    Canada Research Chair in Human-Centred Digital Health (Santé numérique axée sur les personnes)
    Canada research chair in Innovate Systemic Autoimmune Rheumatic Disease
    Canada-Wide Human nutrition trialists' network
    Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program (CDTRP): Maximizing benefits through national infrastructure and sustainability planning
    Canadian HIV Cure Enterprise 2.0: Targeting the interplay between myeloid cells and C04+ T-cells for HIV cure
    Canadian Immunization Research Network
    Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging
    Canadian Program for Monitoring Overuse in Injury Care
    Canadian Traumatic brain injury Research Consortium
    Case management in primary care for frequent users of healthcare services with chronic diseases and complex care needs: implementation and realist evaluations
    CD200 dysregulation in asthma: potential for therapy?
    Cell Response and Wound Healing Through Electrical Stimulation Mediated by Conductive Scaffold
    Cellular mechanisms regulating the pathogenesis of secondary progressive CNS autoimmunity
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en biologie de la chromatine et épigénétique moléculaire
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en biomodélisation et traitement des maladies du cerveau
    Chaire de recherche du Canada EN CELLULES SOUCHES ET GÉNIE TISSULAIRE
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en Cognitive Neuroplasticity
    Chaire de Recherche du Canada en décision partagée et application des connaissances
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en douleur chronique et troubles cérébraux associés
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en Genomics of cardio-respiratory diseases
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en Genomics of cardio-respiratory diseases
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en génomique transcriptionnelle
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en immunothérapie et plateformes vaccinales innovantes
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en in Epithelial Dynamics of Kidney and Reproductive Organs
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en maladies valvulaires cardiaques
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en Medical genomics
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en neurodégénérescence
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en neuroimmunologie
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en oncogénétique
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en pharmacogénomique
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en physiopathologie de la mort cellulaire dans les interactions hôtes-pathogènes
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en plasticité neuroimmunitaire en santé et thérapie
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en plasticité neuroimmunitaire en santé et thérapie
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en Protéomique du Cancer
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en Protéomique du Cancer
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en soins intensifs neurologiques et traumatologie
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en soins intensifs neurologiques et traumatologie
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en technologies et pratiques en santé
    Chaire de recherche du Canada en Translational research in pulmonary arterial hypertension
    Chaire de recherche du Canada sur la génomique appliquée à la nutrition et à la santé métabolique
    Chaire de recherche du Canada sur la résistance aux antiantimicrobiens
    Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les virus en émergence et la résistance aux antiviraux
    Chaire d'excellence en recherche du Canada en neurophotonique
    Chaire du recherche du Canada en immuno-rétrovirologie humaine
    Challenges to the vulnerable child in the transitions from preschool in a pregnacy cohort
    Characterisation of PTM-associated mutations that alter signaling network in breast and ovarian cancers
    Children And Teens in Charge of their Health: A feasibility study of solution-focused coaching to foster healthy lifestyles in children and young people with physical disabilities
    Chloride dysregulation and neuropathic pain: Linking molecular mechanisms with altered pain processing via identification of cellular and circuit level changes
    Classification of the "Motivation Peer Training Program According to a Behavior Change Taxonomy
    CLEAR trial: CoLchicinE in patients with Acute myocaRdial infarction
    Clinical validity and clinical utility of a screening test for Paget's disease of bone
    Co-designing a Patient and Family Caregiver-Oriented Transitions in Care Bundle Research Proposal
    Comprehensive dissection of functional dependencies in a model protein network to reveal the mechanisms of robustness and fragility
    Computed tomography perfusion for neurological death determination: a prospective Canadian multicenter diagnostic test study
    Connecting Emergency Departments with Community services to prevent mobility losses in pre-frail & frail Seniors (CEDeComS)
    Contribution of the orphan receptor NR4A1 in the control of influenza virus infection and lung inflammation.
    Control of Genome Expression and Maintenance by MYST-ING Tumor Suppressor Complexes.
    Correction of the dystrophin gene with Zinc Finger Proteins and TAL effector nuclease
    Coûts des maladies cardiovasculaires et des problèmes de santé mentale attribuables aux contraintes psychosociales au travail : Une étude longitudinale de 22 ans auprès de 9 000 cols blancs.
    CT21 QC22: Burden Ethnographic Modeling Evaluation Qaujilisaaqtuq (BEMEQ) RSV
    CT21 QC29: Burden Ethnographic Modeling Evaluation Qaujilisaaqtuq (BEMEQ) RSV
    (CV04 QC03) CANVAS Network - Surveillance of adverse events following immunization among children and adults immunized with the influenza vaccine
    Deciphering breast cancer HER2-negativity with regard to HER2-targeted therapy
    Deciphering the role of autophagy in neuronal migration and maturation
    Deciphering the role of DCIR in HIV-1 pathogenesis
    Deciphering the role of KLF5 and NFYA in prostate cancer
    Deciphering the role of PTPN6/SHP-1 and its mutant PTPN6/SHP-1Ala455Thr in the development of pulmonary emphysema
    Decoding the DNA double-strand break repair pathways: from mechanistic insights to human genome instability diseases
    DecreAsing sedentary behaviour and inCreasing physical acTIvity fOr healthy ageing (ACTION) study
    Defective prostaglandin biosynthesis pathways and abnormal crosstalk at the endometrial/peritoneal interface: role in the pathophysiology of endometriosis.
    Defining the molecular basis of chemoradiation sensitivity in HPV+ head and neck cancers
    Defining the role of DEPTOR in the regulation of brown adipose tissue development/function and evaluation of its impact on systemic metabolism
    Démonstration de l'efficacité du premier inhibiteur irréversible et sélectif de la 17beta-HSD1 pour le traitement des cancers du sein sensibles aux estrogènes
    Design for Better Health: User-Centred Design and Evaluation of Interactive Media for Health Education, Communication and Decision-Making
    Déterminants moléculaires de la lécithine rétinol acyltransférase responsables de la dégénérescence des photorécepteurs
    Developing and evaluating a continuum of innovative interventions promoting health and social participation in older adults
    Development and Evaluation of a Family-Partnered Care Pathway for Critically Ill Older Patients
    Development and validation of a cell-based assay to identify over-immunosuppression in kidney transplant recipients
    Development and validation of Canadian health literacy measurement tool for chronic desease management
    Development of an animal model, a protective vaccine and monoclonal antibodies against Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus
    Development of a safe, effective and clinically acceptable VSV-based HIV vaccine
    Développement d’une théorie de programme pour optimiser les partenariats de recherche avec les jeunes et les communautés autochtones en prévention et gestion du diabète
    Differential effects of saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids on chylomicron secretion and the expression of key genes that regulate intestinal lipid metabolism in insulin-resistant subjects
    Disability, Employment, and Public Policies Initiative
    Dissecting host-microbiome modifiers of type 2 diabetes risk and complications - Avis d'intention
    DNA methylation changes in human brain by chronic cocaine use
    Drug resistance and drug targets in the protozoan parasite Leishmania
    Effect of environmental contaminants and methylome of breast adipose tissue on aromatase inhibitor efficacy in breast cancer
    E-GAMES Canada : la monétisation des jeux à l'ère des technologies mobiles et du numérique
    Elucidating the role of lipoprotein(a) in calcific aortic valve stenosis: a family-based study using novel proteomic and imaging approaches
    Elucidating the role of lipoprotein(a) in calcific aortic valve stenosis using novel proteomic and imaging approaches
    Elucidating the role of the Alzheimer risk factor CD2AP in brain capillary endothelial cells and vascular functions
    Endothelial progenitor cell adhesion to biomimetic vascular substitutes
    Engage-HPV: Human papillomavirus prevention for gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal
    Ensuring mission success and optimal aging: disentangling the impact of simulated microgravity on brain health
    Environmental Contaminants and Adolescent Development.
    Epidemiology and prognostic implications of panic disorder and generalised anxiety disorder in patients with coronary artery disease
    Équipe de cliniciens-chercheur sur la Recherche en prématurité : vers un dépistage précoce et une prise en charge personnalisée.
    Estradiol receptor alpha mediates sex-specific responses in an animal model of sleep apnea
    Étude de l'impact de l'innervation cutanée dans le Psoriasis
    Étude de validation d'un outil de mesure des coûts de la maladie pour les patients
    Evaluation of a peer-led eHealth wheelchair skills training program: Training to Enhance Adaptation and Management for Wheelchair users (TEAM Wheel)
    Evolution of evidence-based practice: evaluating the contribution of individual and contextual factors to optimize patient care
    Examen de profils chez les patientes présentant une anorexie mentale et réponses aux interventions : études multicentrique.
    Explaining activation changes during the early stages of Alzheimer's disease and promoting processes of compensation and brain plasticity
    Exploring the functions of the Bub1 and BubR1 kinases during mitosis.
    Exploring the role of phosphoinositides in the trafficking of proteins to the apical complex in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum
    Fathers Matter: A Prospective Study to Identify Determinants of Fathers' Engagement During Pregnancy
    Finding the molecular drivers of calcific aortic valve stenosis
    Formation enrichie en collaboration avec le réseau de soins et services de santé de première ligne
    Four Year Embedded Clinician Researcher Program
    From Birth to Adulthood: The Risk and Protective Factors Leading to Mental Health Problems (MHPs) in a Representative Population Sample.
    From correlation to causation in genomics: identifying mechanisms underlying disease
    From pathogenic pathways to novel therapeutic strategies in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
    Functional and clinical characterization of PALMD calcific aortic valve stenosis risk locus
    Functional dissection of the microRNA pathway.
    Functional interaction between the androgen and the estrogen signalling pathways in prostate cancer
    Functional pharmacogenomics of cancer : from mechanisms to personalized therapy
    Generalized anxiety disorder in older adults : Efficacy of a self-help treatment guided by trained lay providers
    Generational and sex-specific effects of paternal environmental exposures on offspring development health
    Genetic analysis of spinothalamic neuron function in nociception
    Genomics of antimicrobial resistance and drug/target discovery
    Heparin anticoagulation to improve outcomes in septic shock: The HALO International Phase II Trial
    Human herpesvirus 6 and chromosomal integration
    IDx: An exploration of regulatory, corporate, relational, and technical barriers to uptake of diagnostics in the fight against AMR
    Impacts des cours prénataux de groupe et en ligne : vers une optimisation des services
    Implementation of a Stepped Care Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia in Routine Cancer Care
    Importance of tissue-resident memory (Trm) CD8 T cells in controlling SIV infection in mucosal sites of viral entry.
    Improving Corneal Endothelial Cell Adhesion
    Improving Corneal Endothelial Cell Adhesion
    Improving Outcomes for Preterm Infants and their Families: A Canadian Collaborative Network
    Improving patient-centered depression care through the dissemination and implementation of the Depression Choice decision aid
    Improving the outcome of rehabilitation following rotator cuff tendinopathy.
    Individual phenotypes of chronic pain: the dynamic pain connectome towards painmeter development and neuroethics
    Inégalités sociales de santé mentale, contraintes psychosociales au travail, vie active et retraite: une étude prospective de 20 ans.
    Inhibitory control of hippocampal inhibitory circuits: cell types, neuromodulation and function
    Insomnia : research innovations to optimize treatment outcome in primary care
    Integrative Epigenomics of Obesity and Metabolic Complications - The Obesity Epigenomics Trilateral Project (EpiTriO)
    Integrative genomics and functional analyses to uncover the molecular mechanisms involved in bicuspid aortic valve disease
    Intercepting the "childhood risk syndrome" of schizophrenia and mood disorders along the developmental trajectory: A preclinical staging of children and adolescents at genetic risk
    In utero exposure to Bisphenol-A and the developing brain in humans: A longitudinal study of epigenetic mechanisms
    Investigating electroretinography(ERG) as a new method for predicting conversion to psychosis in youth at clinical high risk.
    Investigating the contribution of Shank3 in Alzheimer's disease
    Investigating the role of gating pore current in cardiac arrhythmias associated with dilated cardiomyopathy
    Investigating the Role of RECQL in Breast Cancer Susceptibility
    Investigation of the role of galectin-3 and its ligands in skeletal muscle strength, regeneration, and pathology
    Isoprostanes and phospholipases A2: Roles in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia
    La clinique des ainés : une transition innovante des soins pour aînés fragilisés – Éviter le retour à la case départ
    La modulation des ganglions de la base par les afférences neurochimiques du tronc cérébral : implication dans la physiopathologie des troubles du mouvement
    La semaine sur la conduite éthique et responsable en recherche de l'Université Laval (mai 2019 à l'Université Laval)
    ldentifying research priorities to better understanding the role of cognition for power mobility device use: ln pursuit of better screening, assessment and training tools
    Le cannabis médical contre les douleurs musculosquelettiques chroniques: une étude aux méthodes mixtes sur les déterminants de l'usage parmi des patients et des médecins canadiens
    Le patient accompagnateur, une ressource organisationnelle comme levier pour une expérience patient améliorée en oncologie (PAROLE-Onco)
    Les cellules souches épithéliales et le génie tissulaire : de la recherche fondamentale à la recherche clinique.
    Managing cancer pain during the opioid crisis: A multidisciplinary, cross-Canada knowledge dissemination and research planning initiative
    Manipulating the neuroimmune response to promote spinal cord repair
    Mapping anti-mitochondrial antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus
    Maternal Omega-3 supplementation to reduce Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in very Preterm Infants : A Randomized controlled trial (MOBYDIck trial).
    Mathematical Modeling and Epidemiology to inform HIV Program Science
    mATrICES-F: ApplicaTIons des Connaissances axée sur le gEnre et le Sexe des personnes en contexte Francophone
    Maximizing Mothers' Milk for Preterm Infants (MaxiMoM)
    Mechanism of Ribosomal RNA Gene Silencing and Its Roles in Pluripotency and Cancer
    Mechanisms of CAMKI and AMPK antagonistic action in steroidogenesis
    Mechanisms of dendritic integration and plasticity in GABAergic inhibitory interneurons
    Mechanisms of neuronal and vascular impairments in ischemic retinopathies
    Mechanisms of therapeutic efficacy of deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease
    Mediterranean diet and physical activity: is the whole better than the sum of each part ? Clinical and mechanistic perspectives
    microRNA-132: from underlying mechanism of neurodegeneration to therapeutic application in Huntington’s disease
    Mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum contacts and cristae dynamics in health and disease
    Mobilizing the healthcare community towards an integrated approach to improving outcomes of patients with sleep disorders - Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network (CSCN)
    Modeling an approach to gender-conscious participatory action-oriented research and knowledge transfer favouring equality, equity and occupational/environmental health
    Modulation and effects of IGFBP-2 on brown adipose tissue thermogenesis
    Molecular mechanisms of adipose tissue development
    Molecular mechanisms orchestrating epithelial cell polarity.
    Moving Knowledge into action for more effective practice, programs and Policy: A research program focusing on integrated knowledge translation
    Multi-center randomized placebo-controlled trial of nocturnal oxygen therapy in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - The International Nocturnal Oxygen (INOX) trial
    Multi-pathway cholesterol depletion on top of FOLFIRINOX in newly diagnosed metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma: a feasibility and proof-of-concept study
    Multi-scale exploration of autoantibodies against synaptic receptors
    Muscarinic receptor antagonisrn as a novel mechanism for sensory nerve repair
    Neurophysiological biomarkers of insomnia treatment response: towards personalized therapeutic approaches in chronic insomnia
    New statistical methods for cohort studies of adverse effects of medications
    Non primary cytomegalovirus infections in pregnancy
    Nouvelles options thérapeutiques pour les patients atteints de psoriasis
    Novel Approaches for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Aortic Valve Stenosis.
    Omega-3 fatty acids in the prevention of breast cancer: role of obesity-related markers in breast tissues
    Optical nanoscopy of cytoskeletal and synaptic remodeling in neurons
    Optimal Practices in Critical Care Neurology and Trauma
    Orthologous CRISPR-Cas9 systems for genome editing: discovery, characterization and development for novel biotechnological applications
    Outil de mesure des coûts de la maladie pour les patients
    PARP inhibition in PAH: A Phase 1 clinical trial
    Pathogenesis and treatment of obesity-linked inflammation, insulin resistance and cardiometabolic complications.
    Pathogenic Pathways and in-vitro modelization of Intracranial Aneurysms in populations of Inuit and French Canadian descent
    Pathogenic roles of platelets in sepsis
    PEGASUS-2 - PErsonalized Genomics for prenatal Abnormalities Screening USing maternal blood : Towards First Tier Screening and Beyond
    Personalized Risk Assesment for Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer : Integration and Implementation (PERSPECTIVE II)
    Pharmacological Strategy to Prevent Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: Preventing the Effects of Serotonin on Heart Valves.
    Phase I/II clinical trial of myoblast transplantation to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients.
    Phase Two of the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging
    Pilot study of a community pharmacy-based program to enhance adherence to adjuvant endocrine therapy among breast
    Plasticity of midbrain nuclei after spinal cord injury
    Platelets and their microparticles: versatile players of inflammation.
    Platform 3 B - Image acquisition and quality control
    Platform 3: Image Acquisition and Quality Control
    Poly(ADP-ribose) writers, readers, and erasers: Functions in DNA double-strand break repair and synthetic lethality
    Post-transcriptional regulatory networks coordinating developmental gene expression in the human pathogen Leishmania
    Precision Medicine CanPREVENT AMR: Applying Precision Medicine Technologies in Canada to Prevent Antibody Mediated Rejection and Premature Kidney Transplant Loss
    Prédire l'évolution de l'hépatite C par la fédération de données et l'intelligence artificielle : enjeux éthiques, juridiques, sociaux et de vie privée
    Primary care reform and medication appropriateness for seniors: A comparative study of two provinces
    Processus d'aide à la décision, gestion du risque obstétrical et du mode d'accouchement après césarienne au Québec (PRISMA).
    Prognostic value of urinary renal and vascular biomarkers in hypertensive pregnant women
    Prohibitin: a circulating mitokine involved in the Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Syndrome.
    Promoting Brain Health to Prevent Dementia: Roles of Covert Vascular Brain Injury and Cognitive Reserve in Age-Related Cognitive Decline
    Promoting implementation of evidence-based care
    Promouvoir l'alimentation durable dans les organisations de santé : Projet de mobilisation et de planification d'une initiative québécoise
    Pronostic biopsychosocial des douleurs thoraciques inexpliquées suite à une consultation dans une unité d'urgence.
    Qanuikkat Siqinirmiut? A community-based study of southern Quebec Inuit health and wellbeing
    Quantitative electroencephalography in rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep: an early marker of cholinergic neurodegeneration in mild cognitive impairment
    Quebec Knowledge Network in integrated primary health care (Réseau-1 Québec)
    Quebec Network for lndigenous Health Research Mentorship
    Randomized control trials of neuromodulation to treat chronic low back pain and complex regional pain syndrome
    Randomized trial comparing radical hysterectomy and pelvic node dissection vs simple hysterectomy and pelvic node dissection in patients with low risk cervical cancer defined as lesions measuring less than 2 cm with less than 50% stromal in
    Real-time multimodal tools for high resolution image-guided surgery and better treatment of Parkinson's disease
    Real-World Cost-Effectiveness of Direct Oral Anticoagulants in Atrial Fibrillation: A Canadian Health Technology Reassessment Study
    Real-World Evaluation of the Efficacy, Safety and Cost-Effectiveness of Statins for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Among the Elderly – A Causal Perspective to Treatment Trajectory Analysis
    Recherche participative intersectorielle, engagement des citoyens, des groupes vulnérables et des communautés autochtones dans la recherche, transformation des pratiques en santé et santé publique...
    Regulation of chromosome cohesion and genome stability by a novel Histone modification
    Regulation of oncogenic receptor tyrosine kinase signalling networks by protein phosphorylation
    Removal of the GAA repeat with the CRISPR/Cas9 system in Friedreich patient cells and in the YG8sR mouse model
    Replication stress and pulmonary hypertension: Role for checkpoint kinase 1
    Repurposing acute therapies for enhanced recovery after spinal cord injury
    Research Advancement through Cohort Cataloguing and Harmonization (ReACH)
    Research Program on the Epidemiology and Prevention of Human Papillomavirus Infection and Associated Cancers
    REVISE: Re-Evaluating the Inhibition of Stress Erosions in the ICU
    Rewiring the brain efficiently with cell transplantation in a pre-clinical model of Parkinson's disease
    Role of autotaxin bound to platelet-derived microparticles to development of vascular damage in arthritis.
    Role of developing hippocampus in organizing prefrontal cortical functions
    Role of exosomes in cellular communication in asthma
    Role of the long non-coding RNA H19 as a novel biomarker and therapeutic target in right ventricular failure in pulmonary arterial hypertension
    RUNX2-related Pulmonary Artery Remodeling and Calcification in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.
    Scaling up shared decision making for patient-centred care
    Sensing and modulating neuronal activity from the spinal epidural space with optical fibers
    Sex-dependent Differences in pathophysiological mechanisms, presentation, outcome, and treatment of aortic valve stenosis
    Sex, hormones, and fertility: elucidating the molecular mechanism of action of transcription factor GATA4 in reproductive function
    Sex-specific functional and transcriptional contributions of the cortico-striatal and -tegmental pathways in mediating stress susceptibility and resilience
    Sex-specific investigations of Parkinson's disease mouse models: application for gonadal drugs repurposing
    Sex-specific investigations of Parkinson's disease mouse models: application for gonadal drugs repurposing
    (SH07 QC22) Impact on infant'vaccine coverage of an educational intervention using motivational interviewing techniques delivered in maternity wards in Canada
    (SH08 QC22) Identifying effective communication materials to enhance vaccine acceptance
    (SH10 QC22) Determinants of HPV vaccine uptake in school-based programs in Canada
    Shifting the paradigm of spinal cord quantitative MRI
    Short, Medium, and Long Term Effectiveness of Interdisciplinary Teams and Other Primary Care Reforms in Ontario
    (SI03 QC03) Special Immunization Clinic Network (SIC) to investigate vaccine safety issues: Optimizing the clinical management of patients with contraindication to vaccination ...
    Signal integration and action potential coding in hippocampal microcircuits
    Sino-Canada Hel Tl: A Multifaceted. Community-Family-Mother-Child Intervention Study for the Prevention ofthildhood Obesity
    Situating Suicide Risk: An inquiry into the production of the lives and afterlives of neurobiological vulnerability
    Social inequalities in the association between care trajectories and self-reported health among people with diabetes in Québec
    SPOR Network in Diabetes and its Related Complications
    SQUEEZE Trial: a trial to determine whether septic shock reversal is quicker in pediatric patients randomized to an early goal directed fluid sparing strategy vs. usual care
    Stratégies de réparation des transsections des nerfs périphériques par génie tissulaire
    Strengthening the implementation of "Health in all policies" at the county/municipal level in Ontario and Quebec using realist explanatory case studies and knowledge mobilization
    Stromal Gene Expression Predicts And May Drive Metastasis in Prostate Cancer
    Substituted phenyl alkylureas as new potent antipsoriatic drugs: Mechanism of action and structure-activity relationships.
    Supporting the creation of a LEARNing INteGrated health system to mobilize context-adapted knowledge with a Wiki platform to Improve the transitions of frail Seniors from emergency Departments to the cOMmunity: the LEARNING WISDOM program
    Supporting the creation of a LEARNing INteGrated health system to mobilize context-adapted knowledge with a Wiki platform to Improve the transitions of frail Seniors from from hospitals and emergency Departments to the cOMmunity : The ...
    Suppression of inaccurate transcription: Mechanisms, regulation and role of Spt2/Spt6/Spn1 complex
    Suppression of regulatory B cells by neutrophils in a model of multiple sclerosis
    Sustaining evidence-based chronic disease management
    Systematic Prospective Assessment of Rapid Knowledge Synthesis - SPARKS Study
    Targeting microglia-synapse interactions to rescue brain circuits elimination and cognitive dysfunction
    Targeting sex mitochondrial asymmetry to explain sex-specific consequences of intermittent hypoxia in newborns
    Team 1A: Transforming the CCNA Compass-ND cross-sectional cohort study into a longitudinal study
    Team 2.6: Role of SRSF3 in modulation of microglial phenotypes in fronto-temporal dementia
    Team 7.1.1: Investigation of cerebrovascular pathology using cerebral microvessel extracts and in animal models
    teChnology tO suppORt DecIsioN Making about Aging aT homE (COORDINATEs)
    The Canadian National Transplant Research Program : Increasing Donation and Improving Transplantation Outcomes
    The Canadian Research Data Centre Network : Evolving to Meet New Research Data Needs and Policy Priorities
    The characterization of MICL, a novel negative regulator of the immune response in arthritis.
    The ECHO (Environment, Community, Health Observatory): Strengthening intersectoral capacity to understand and respond to health impacts of resource development
    The effect of an enhanced dietary portfolio flus exercise on cardiovascular risk in high risk individuals
    The Fit-for-Fertility Multicenter Randomized-Controlled Trial: Improving Reproductive, Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Women with Obesity and Infertility
    The IMPACT of food environment policies on the Canadian food supply, dietary intakes and health: evidence to inform policy action
    The National CIHR Hepatisis C Network (NCHCN)
    The NEUROlogically-impaired extubation Timing Trial (NEURO-ETT)
    The physiology of adult neural stem cells
    The PREvention Program for Alzheimer's RElated Delirium (PREPARED) Cluster Randomized Trial
    Therapeutic potential of obeticholic acid for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer
    Therapeutic properties of innate immune cells and system for brain diseases.
    The Reach Network
    The reversibility of vasectomy used for contraception in men.
    The role of autotaxin and lysophosphatidic acid in the development of calcific aortic valve disease
    The role of DEPTOR in the energy balance regulation.
    The role of long non-coding RNAs in defining pluripotent stem cell states
    The role of platelets in rheumatoid arthritis- an animated journey in the arthritic joint
    The role of sex in regulating interleukin-17-mediated toxicity in the central nervous system
    The transcriptional circuitry controlling the metabolic flexibility and host colonization under hypoxia in the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans
    Tissue Engineering of a functional Urethra for Autologous Reconstruction
    Toward nutritional and epigenomic interventions in prostate cancer prevention and management
    Towards a comprehensive model of Spindle Assembly Checkpoint silencing
    Trajectoires de soins et conditions propices aux soins ambulatoires
    Transcriptional regulators of Leydig cell differentiation and function.
    Transformer les modèles actuels pour favoriser la sécurisation culturelle des soins offerts aux patients autochtones: Co-développement d'un nouveau modèle d’intervenant avec trois communautés atikamekw
    Transforming community-Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC) Knowledge and Knowledge Tools to address patient-generated priorities through the involvement of patients, the public, researchers and healthcare providers
    Transforming the practice of KT: Embedding gender
    Transfusion in traumatic brain injury (TSiTBI Trial)
    Translational approach to establish the cardiometabolic health effects and mechanisms of action of fish nutrients: from animal models to obese insulin-resistant subjects
    Travail de nuit et difficultés de sommeil : déterminants psychosociaux et intervention psychologique.
    Understanding decision making in organ donation: a national study
    Understanding Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma onset in young adults
    Understanding the behavioral and cerebral changes associated with pain empathy and its modulation in caregivers.
    Unité support du Québec: Un soutien pour la recherche axée sur le patient.
    Unraveling sensory coding dysfunctions that underlie chronic pain
    Unravelling proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) mechanisms in calcific aortic valve disease: from aortic valve sclerosis to stenosis
    Unravelling the role of primary cilia in the control of male fertility
    Untangling tau contribution to cognitive impairments in Huntington’s disease.
    Unveiling the role of alpha-synuclein clustering and Lewy body formation in Parkinson’s disease pathogenesis using an optogenetic-mediated protein aggregation system
    Using mathematical modeling and health economics to evaluate and optimize infectious disease prevention strategies.
    Vaccination & screening for control sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and STI-related cancers
    Validation of Highly Potent Substituted Phenyl Alkylureas as Antipsoriatic Agents
    Vers des approches plus efficientes en prévention du VIH et en santé reproductive au travers une approche d’équité en santé: programme de recherche interventionnelle chez les femmes travailleuses du sexe en Afrique de l’Ouest.
    Vibrissa motion: motor strategies and facial expressions
    Visceral obesity and ectopic fat: the missing links between lifestyle and chronic societal cardiometabolic diseases?
    Vitamin D In the prevention of Viral-induced Asthma of preschoolers (DIVA): a multicentre randomized controlled trial
    Which exercise for chronic low back pain? Predicting response to exercise treatments for patients with low back pain
    WP1: Transforming the creation of CBPHC knowledge tools
    WP3: Implementing knowledge tools in CBPHC