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  Programme(s) de recherche actif(s)

  Projet(s) actif(s)
    A comparative study of Monte Carlo methods for efficient evaluations of margnal likehood
    A Covering Tour Approach to the Location of Satellite Distribution Centers to Supply Humanitarian Aid
    A Covering Tour Approach to the Location of Satellite Distribution Centers to Supply Humanitarian Aid
    Adoption of Open Source Software in Organisations: A Socio-Cognitive Perpective
    An Exact Algorithm for the Two-Dimensional Orthogonal Packing Problem With Unloading Constraints
    ArcticNet - The integrated natural/medical/social study of the changing Canadian Arctic
    A Robust Winner Determination Problem for Combinatorial Transportation Auctions Under Uncertain Shipment Volumes
    A Spatial Difference-in-Differences Estimator to Evaluate the Effect of Change in Public Mass Transit Systems on House Prices
    A syst-Omics approach to ensuring food safety and reducing the economic burden of salmonellosis
    Banks' Capital Buffer, Risk and Performance in the Canadian Banking System: Impact of Business Cycles and Regulatory Changes
    Benefits and Costs of Auditor's Assurance: Evidence From the Review of Quarterly Financial Statements
    Bounds on the Autocorrelation of Admissible Stochastic Discount Factors
    Building Loyalty With Online Financial Services Customers: Is There a Gender Difference?
    Centre de recherche et d'innovation en transfert de connaissances multisectorielles nordiques
    Centre interuniversitaire québécois de statistiques sociales (CIQSS)
    Chaire de partenariat en prévention de la maltraitance
    Chaire de recherche industrielle du CRSNG en aménagement des tourbières
    Chaire de recherche sur la démocratie et les institutions parlementaires
    Citizenhip behaviour and employee retention: how important are turnover cognitions?
    Consortium de recherche FORAC III
    Contribution to Social Exchange in Public Organizations: Examining How Support, Trust, Satisfaction, Commitment and Work Outcomes Are Related
    Counting citations in the field of business and management: Why use Google Scholar rather than the Web of Science
    Créneaux d'innovation en biotechnologies et en gestion des ressources agricoles et forestières
    Customer loyalty to a commercial website: Descriptive meta-analysis of the empirical literature and proposal of an integrative model
    Digitalization and Promotion: An Empirical Study in a Large Law Firm
    Does Foreign Direct Investment Reduce Poverty in Africa and Are There Regional Differences?
    Dynamic pricing models for ERP Systems under network externality
    Environmental Leadership and Consciousness Development: A Case Study Among Canadian SMEs
    Environmental Leadership and Consciousness Development: A Case Study Among Canadian SMEs
    État et cultures juridiques autochtones : un droit en quête de légitimité.
    Exact solution of several classes of inventory-routing problems
    Faculty consulting: Between formal and informal knowledge transfer
    Femmes et organisations
    Finding myxobacterial secondary metabolites with anti-diabetic activity
    Groupe de recherche sur l'inadaptation psychosociale chez l'enfant (GRIP)
    Guarantees and Profit-Sharing Contracts in Project Financing
    Identification-Robust Estimation and Testing of the Zero-Beta CAPM
    Implanter de nouvelles lignes directrices sur le dépistage du cancer de la prostate: méthodes dynamiques pour aider les cliniciens et les patients à mettre en balance les avantages et les inconvénients.( Fonds Gilles Cormier)
    Income security and labour-market engagement: Envisioning the future of disability policy in Canada
    Internal Auditor's Roles: From Watchdogs to Helpers and Protectors of the Top Manager
    Is Environmental Governance Substantive or Symbolic? An Empirical Investigation
    ISO Auditing and the Construction of Trust in Auditor Independence
    Knowledge Transmission in Light of Recent Transformations in the Workplace
    L'adéquation personne-organisation: Vers une meilleure compréhension de ses déterminants et de ses conséquences
    La gestion des paradoxes dans les coopératives de solidarité aux différentes phases du cycle de vie
    LARSEM: Laboratoire aquatique de recherche en sciences environnementales et médicales
    Leadership in the Academic Field of Business and Management of Country Origine: A commentary on Burgess and Shaw
    Les incitatifs fiscaux pour les anges investisseurs
    Les incitatifs fiscaux pour les anges investisseurs
    Les pratiques de gestion des coûts dans les organisations du secteur public au Québec
    Liquidity Risk of Private Assets: EvidencefFrom Real Estate Markets
    Models for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems: A Litterature Review
    Nutrition Labelling: Employing Consumer Segmentation to Enhance Usefulness
    Offshore Outsourcing of Core & Non-Core Activities and Integrated Firm-Level Performance (IFLP): An Empirical Analysis on Québec Manufacturing
    On Storage Assignment Policies for Unit-Load Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
    On the Operational Reality of Auditor Independence: Lessons From the Field
    On the Value of Municipal Bond Insurance: An Empirical Analysis
    Optimal production control policy in unreliable batch processing manufacturing systems with transportation delay
    Organizational Citizenship Behaviour for the Environment-2 - Measurement and Validation
    Organizational Citizenship Behaviour for the Environment: measurement and Validation
    Performance of Thinly-Traded Assets: A Case in Real Estate
    Private Investment in Small Public Entities
    Private Investment in Small Public Entities
    Reputation-Based Winner Determination Problem for Combinatorial Transportation Procurement Auctions
    Risques émergents et assurance responsabilité
    Sense-Making in Compensation Committees: A Cultural Theory Perspective
    Short-and Long-Run Determinants of Commodity Price Volatility
    Single-Line Railway Timetabling Under Dyanmic Passenger Demand
    Skeletal muscle dysfunction in COPD - renouvellement
    Soutien à la recherche de la Faculté de médecine.
    State privatization and the unrelenting expansion of neoliberalism: The case of the Greek financial crisis
    Sustaining and securing Canada's honey bees using omics tools
    The Audit Reporting Model: Current Research Synthesis and Implications
    The Construction of the Risky Individual and Vigilant Organizations: A Genealogy of the Fraud Triangle
    The Erosion of Jurisdiction: Auditing in a Market Value Accounting Regime
    The impacts of standard monetary and budgetary policies on liquidity and financial markets: international evidence from the credit freeze crisis
    The Valuation of Catastrophe Bonds With Exposure to Currency Exchange Risk
    The Visible Hand of Consultants in the Construction of the Markets for Virtue: Translating Issues, Negotiating Boundaries and Enacting Responsive Regulations
    Trajectoires de vie, de violence et de recours aux services des femmes victimes de violence conjugale en contextes de vulnérabilité : décrire et comprendre pour mieux prévenir et agir
    Using information systems to improve energy efficiency: Investigating the relationship between smart metering and electricity demand management
    Ventilation, Interactions and Transports Across The Labrador Sea (VITALS)
    Volet spécial- Approches pédagogiques à l'enseignement des sujets transversaux à l'enseignement: le cas de la responsabilité sociale des entreprises et des gestionnaires
    Volet spécial - Pédagogie et apprentissage de gestion
    What's Wrong With Orphan Drug Policies