Professeurs subventionnés

  Projets(s) de recherche, responsable
    Améliorer la rentabilité des fermes par une sélection plus hâtive et une meilleure gestion des veaux, Édith Charbonneau
    Cell signaling in ovarian function, François Richard
    Deciphering extracellular microRNA communication system., Clémence Belleannée
    Deciphering the role of RANK/RANKL/OPG in skeletal muscle., Jérôme Frenette
    Dendritic inhibition in hippocampal circuits, Lisa Topolnik
    Ecological genomics of anadromous migrations in a changing Artic., Jean-Sébastien Moore
    Emergence of air breathing in vertebrates., Richard Kinkead
    Exploring Sperm Competency, Janice L. Bailey
    Fine-tuning branched-chain amino acid to reduced nitrogen excretion while maximizing growth performance of pigs, Marie-Pierre Létourneau-Montminy
    Fragile X Mental retardation1 gene: a master switch of ovarian communication and oocyte quality, Claude Robert
    Genetic selection of honeybees in northern climates, Pierre Giovenazzo
    Influence des migrations animales sur la réponse des écosystèmes arctiques aux changements globaux, Pierre Legagneux
    Investigating bacterial virulence of aquatic pathogens using multiple host-pathogen models, Steve Charette
    Locomotor adaptations in relation to mode and environmental factors, Bradford James McFadyen
    Morpho-functional properties of interneurons born at different developmental stages in the adult olfactory bulb., Armen Saghatelyan
    Neuroelectronic and optogenetic stimulation for the precise control of corticospinal plasticity, Christian Ethier
    Pathogenic strategies of the swine pathogen streptococcus suis
    Production d'omble de fontaine adaptée aux changements climatiques: évaluation de l'importance des effets épigénétiques, Louis Bernatchez
    Programming the oocyte for the next generation, Marc-André Sirard
    Regulation of tau phosphorylation and splicing during post-embryonic development., Emmanuel Planel
    Rôle de la prédation dans les cycles de rongeurs arctiques: une approche multifonctionnelle, Dominique Fauteux
    Role of Misshappen (NIK/Msn) kinases and Extended-Synaptotagmins (E-Syts) in Wnt and FGF intracellular signaling pathways., Thomas Moss
    Roles of Malat1 in response to hypoxia, Frédéric Picard
    Steroid hormone synthesis/inactivation and action in terminal lung development., Yves Tremblay
    Toward precision feeding in pig production: optimal phosphorus and calcium diatery levels, Marie-Pierre Létourneau-Montminy
    Transforming garbage into gold: development of experimental tools to study nutritional dynamics of black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illuscens Linnaeus 1758), Grant Vandenberg