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  Projet(s) actif(s)
    BioSurveillance of Alien Forest Enemies (bioSAFE)
    CanOAKS: A paradigm shift for the establishment of indigenous noble hardwoods adapted to future climates
    Caribou Genomics : a National Non-Invasive Monitoring Approach for an Iconic and Model Species-at-Risk
    CoAdap Tree: Healthy trees for future climates
    Development and validation of a genomic-based dianostic tool of the virulence profile of Phytophthora sojae, a major pathogen of soybean
    Development of Comprehensive Cytogenomics and Molecular Genetics Testing Using ans Exome and Low-Pass Whole Genome Sequencing Combined Approach
    Environmental DNA (eDNA), meta-Barcoding and transcriptional profiling to improve sustainability of freshwater fisheries and fish culture
    FISHES : Fostering Indigenous Small-scale fisheries for Health, Economy, and food Security
    Genomic-based approach to optimize the development of texturizing bacterial strains in yogurt
    Genomics for developing the first Canadian production ready strain of selectively bred Eastern Oyster
    Integrating genomic aproaches to improve dairy cattle resilience : A comprehensive goal to enhance Canadian dairy industry sustainnability
    Interrogating and implementing Omics for precision medicine in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
    PEGASUS-2 - PErsonalized Genomics for prenatal Abnormalities Screening USing maternal blood : Towards First Tier Screening and Beyond
    Personalized Risk Assesment for Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer : Integration and Implementation (PERSPECTIVE II)
    Precision Medicine CanPREVENT AMR: Applying Precision Medicine Technologies in Canada to Prevent Antibody Mediated Rejection and Premature Kidney Transplant Loss
    Precision Medicine in Cellular Epigenomics
    SENTINEL : Stopping Enteric Illnesses Early
    Spruce-up : Advanced spruce genomics for productive and resilient forests