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Titre de la technologie / Technology Title
    Méthode de délipidation et de déprotéinisation en deux étapes du lactosérum
Description / Description
    Bipolar membrane electroacidification (BMEA) was used to separate lipids from biological solutions. The lipids are separated from animal as well as vegetable solutions. Particularly, bipolar membrane precipitates high levels of lipids from a biological solution. The BMEA single step process improves significantly lipid precipitation rates in several biological solutions of different natures. This new process would have two advantages, the production of a phospholipids-enriched fraction which could be used in cosmeceutics and nutraceuticals and a purified (demineralized and delipided) and more valuable protein fraction after concentration of the whey. EDBM process could be a part of the first step of WPC treatment for the valorization of the whey in the form of lipid fractions of different nature. In comparison with the chemical acidification, EDBM process has the advantage of offering continuous acidification without the addition of salt. This could allow, in an industrial process, 1) to maintain a low ionic strength of the solution, for example prior or following WPC dilution and 2) to produce a purified WPC (with a low ash level).
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