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Titre de la technologie / Technology Title
    Inhibition des protéines S100A8, S100A9 et S100A12 pour traiter les leucémies
Description / Description
    One aim of the present invention is to provide a composition for modulating differentiation or development of progenitor blood cells, such as for example bone marrow stem cells, in a human or an animal comprising an effective amount of at least one inhibitor of a compound of S100 protein family with a physiologically acceptable carrier. It is understood that the modulation ca be as well reducing as inhibiting the differentiation or development of said progenitor blood cells into physiologically pathological cells, as for example, but not limited to, leukemia cells.
Inventeur / Inventor Collaborateur(s) / Collaborator(s)
  • Karen Vandal
  • Pascal Rouleau
  • Carle Ryckman
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