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Titre de la technologie / Technology Title
    Détecteur à scintillation multi-points avec fibre optique collectrice de transport unique
Description / Description
    Various embodiments are described herein for a radiation dosimetry apparatus and associated methods for measuring radiation dose. In some embodiments, the apparatus includes multiple scintillating elements for detecting amounts of radiation dose at multiple points within a detection region. Each of the scintillating elements generates light in response to radiation interacting within their volume. A light guide combines the light generated by all of the scintillating elements as well as radiation-induced contaminated optical energy and transmits the combined light to a spectral analysis setup. Multi or hyper-spectral calibration technique allows calculating the dose or dose rate at the positions of the different scintillating elements. The calibration technique isolates the light produced by a given scintillating element from the other scintillating elements as well as any other source of radiation-induced contaminating light.
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