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Titre de la technologie / Technology Title
    Optogenetic fiber
Description / Description
    An optogenetic probe, an optogenetic system, and a method for fabricating an optogenetic probe are provided. The optogenetic probe has a proximal and a distal end, and includes an elongated body made of a body glass material and extending Iongitudinally between the proximal and distal ends. The optogenetic probe also includes at least one optical channel, each including an optical channel glass material having a refractive index larger than a refractive index of the body glass material, so as to guide light therealong. The optogenetic probes also includes at least one electrical channel, each including an electrical channel structure having an electrical conductivity larger than the electrical conductivity of the body glass material, so as to conduct electricity therealong. The optogenetic probe further includes at least one fluidic channel, each adapted for transporting fluid therealong. Each optical, electrical and fluidic channel extends longitudinally within the elongated body.
Inventeur / Inventor
  • Jean-François Viens
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