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    Transporteurs de silicium chez le soya
Description / Description
    The invention relates to nucleic acid sequences defining a genomic region conferring high silicon (Si) accumulation as discovered in the soybean (Glycine max) cultivar Hikmok sorip.
    Plants having this region, named HiSil, introduced in its nucleic acid exhibit increased Si uptake. Furthermore, markers associated with high Si accumulation and5 methods of identifying high Si accumulating plants using the markers are provided. The method provided by the invention can be used to develop new plants with high Si accumulation capacity, through breeding, genetic modification or any other forms of plant propagation.
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    Inventeur / Inventor Collaborateur(s) / Collaborator(s)
    • François Belzile
    • Rupesh Deshmukh
    • Azhaguvel Perumal
    • Matthew Edwards
    • Caroline Labbé
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    • Canada
    Numéro de la technologie / File Number : 01523