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Titre de la technologie / Technology Title
    Irrigation mat and method of use
Description / Description
    This innovative thermal-irrigation system is a multi-layer carpet which comprises a base sheet, a water permeable top sheet and a capillary mat sandwiched there between together with one or more optional flat pliable drip tapes disposed loosely over the capillary mat and which act as water conduits to supply water to the capillary mat and maintain optimal growth temperature. To facilitate its use, the irrigation mat can be rolled together in a bundle. This system is actually commercialize in North America. Université Laval is seeking an European Licensee.
Inventeur / Inventor Collaborateur(s) / Collaborator(s)
  • François Pépin
  • Richard Théorêt
Contact / Contact Champs(s) d'intérêt(s) / Industry segment(s) Brevet(s) / Patent(s)
  • Canada
  • États-Unis
Numéro de la technologie / File Number : 00649