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  Programme(s) de recherche actif(s)

  Projet(s) actif(s)
    Agroecology Laboratory: Advancing plant root research and elucidating plant-soil interactions in agroecosystems
    Base de données Sécurité et Immigration: Discours, manifestos et pratiques
    Calcul Canada - Compute Canada - MSI 2.0
    Canada Research Chair in Medical genomics
    Canadian Consortium for Arctic Data Interoperability: Advancing Arctic Research through Connected Data Infrastructure
    Canadian Research Icebraker Amundsen
    Caractérisation de systèmes de finition et de systèmes de densification pour le bois
    Consolidation des infrastructures de recherche du site NEIGE
    CRDCN : Evolving to meet new research data needs and policy priorities
    Créneaux d'innovation en biotechnologies et en gestion des ressources agricoles et forestières
    Deciphering and tackling the complex etiology of chronic societal diseases (CSDs)
    Development and evaluation of tools to support better decision making processes and better health decisions
    Enhancing the Science: Polarized Photons and Improved Endstations for the SGM and PGM at the Canadian Light Source
    Establishment of an infrastructure for functional proteomics studies of cancer
    Flotte opérationnelle de recherche en sciences côtières et environnementales (FORSCE)
    Fonds institutionnel d'exploitation des infrastructures pour l'IUSMQ (CERVO)
    Gemini IRMOS: The pathfinder for the thirty meter telescope's infrared multi-object integral-field spectrograph
    High-throughput microbial interaction mapping platform
    Immunophenotyping infrastructure for functional pharmacoEPIgenomics of childhood leukemia
    Infrastructure de support au développement de matériaux et systèmes de construction biosourcés
    Infrastructure for lipoprotein metabolism research unit
    Intelligent mechatronic assistive technology for people living with disabilities and for the elderly
    Laboratoire de conception et caractérisation des matériaux renouvelables
    Laboratoire de recherche sur la structuration par laser de composants photoniques
    Laboratory on quality by design in bio-products engineering (BIO-QbD)
    LARSEM: Laboratoire aquatique de recherche en sciences environnementales et médicales
    Mobile laboratory for research in music in community
    Optical phenotyping laboratory to identify new high-risk biomarkers of major psychiatric disorders: phase 2
    Patient-oriented practice-based research unit for optimal practices in critical care neurology and trauma
    Perinatal research unit for a sustainable health of mother and child
    Plan dynamique de conservation des sols organiques
    Platform for advanced design leading manufacturing in micro-nano technologies
    Probing neural pathways underlying emotions processing in normal and pathological states: from molecules to behavior
    Pulsed Electric field system to modify the physico-chemical properties andbioactivities of food molecules
    Quebec network for electron microscopy of materials
    Robust 3D Perception in Challenging Conditions
    Role of the gut microbiome-endocannabinoidome axis in metabolic health and its therapeutic exploitation - phase 2
    Silicon photonics for high-capacity optical communications
    State-of-the art synthetic carbonhydrate chemistry laboratory
    The Andre E. Lalonde Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Facility fo Environmental Radionuclides
    The Canadian Peoples 1861-1921
    Tracing sulfur pathways through the lithosphere by LA-QQQ-ICPMS of sulfides
    Tree biology and plant functional genomics laboratory
    Tumor Mechanobiology Research Platform