Professeurs subventionnés

  Projets(s) de recherche, responsable
    Advanced optical design tools for high resolution imaging, Simon Thibault
    All-fiber quantum optics with colloidal nanosemiconductors, Claudine Allen
    Chaire d'excellence en recherche du Canada en neurophotonique
    Femtosecond laser structuring technology, Martin Bernier
    Functional nanoparticles and nanonparticle assemblies, Anna Marie Ritcey
    Gestion des eaux pluviales : Adaptation aux changements climatiques par l'intégration d'infrastructures vertes et d'infrastructures intelligentes, Geneviève Pelletier
    Guided Light, Tightly Packed : novel concepts, components and applications
    Improving building energy demand predictions in Smart Cities through sensor observations and considerations of landscape characteristics
    New glassy Materials and Optical fibers for wellbeing in Society., Younès Messaddeq
    Projecteur volumétrique à base de points quantiques, Simon Thibault
    Single-Complex, Single-Molecule, Single-Atom and Single-Site Studies of Chemical Events on Reactive Surfaces, Peter Hugh McBreen
    Solitons et extensions du modèle standard en physique des particules, Luc Marleau
    Structured photonic devices for advanced sensing, Martin Bernier
    Towards a mathematical description of complex networks: Effective structure and latent hyperbolic geometry, Antoine Allard
    Ultrafast laser and electron pulses for high resolution imaging
    Universally Applicable Model Wavefunction Forms for Strong and Weak Electron Correlation in Quantum Chemistry, Paul Andrew Johnson
    Unveiling comprehensive cellular biophysical properties using quantitative phase digital holographic microscopy, Pierre Marquet