Organisme : Conseil de recherches en sciences naturelles et génie Canada

  Projets financés à l'Université Laval
    Acclimatation des arbres au vent après perturbation partielle
    Action des microvésicules dans les tissus solides
    Adaptation and acclimatization to high altitude in rodents
    Advanced optical techniques for tissue identification and visulisation
    Advanced signal processing for dual comb interferometry
    All-fiber quantum optics with colloidal nanosemiconductors
    Alterations of physiological regulatory networks and neuroendocrinological pathways in a parasitized vertebrate host expressiong modified behaviour
    Amélioration de la durée de vie et de la soutenabilité du béton
    Améliorer la compréhension et les potentialités des systèmes de prévision hydrologique d'ensemble à court-moyen terme.
    Analyse et simulation des circuits de concentration des minerais de fer
    A new multi-scale approach to characterize concrete creep - Phase 2: drying effects, application to emerging concretes and micro-to-macro validation
    A novel approach for landform classification based on salience detection integrating expert knowledge and deep learning
    A novel class of small non-coding RNAs
    Anticipatory Locomotor Adjustments and Individual-Environment Complexity
    Apis mellifera ion channels and tools to study agroecosystems contaminants
    Approches hybridant la recherche opérationnelle et l'intelligence artificielle pour la planification de ressources dans les réseaux de prestation de services de santé
    Approches thermo-énergétiques innovantes appliquées aux centrales de liquéfaction de gaz naturel
    Arctic viral ecology in water, ice and aerosols
    Artificial Intelligence meets Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding in smart sustainable cities
    A structural, kinematical, dynamical and thermodynamical study of galactic gas complexes
    Bacterial biofilms as sustainable catalytic materials studied in customized microfluidic bioanalytical flow-cells.
    Bactériocines versus antibiotiques: Compréhension des mécanismes d'action antimicrobien, phénomène de résistance et résistance croisée
    Bacteriophages and plasmids in Streptococcus thermophilus
    Behavioral and neural investigations of temporal information processing
    Behaviour-based approach to study neurosteroids
    Bioaérosols: développement et application de stratégies de contrôle
    Biochemical and functional characterization of proteins and enzymes for heme-iron acquisition and utilisation in bacteria
    Biodiversity impacts of natural and managed ecosystems in the Anthropocene
    Biodiversity patterns in disturbed landscapes
    Bio-renewable chemicals and smart materials derived from non-edible biomass
    Brain Health Model and Simulator
    Bryophyte Ecology in Northern Disturbed Ecosystems
    Can degraded trees serve as sustainable feedstock for forest bioenergy production?
    Caractérisation et modélisation de matériaux de construction biosourcés dans le bâtiment
    Catalyse industrielle verte
    Causal inference methods for adaptive treatment strategies
    Cell signaling in ovarian function
    Cellular and molecular events underpinning osteogenesis in 3D physiologically reliable bone
    Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the biosynthesis and hydrolysis of the endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoyl-glycerol and its congeners
    Cellular and molecular mechanisms mediating histamine's neuromodulator role in the paraventricular hypothalamus
    Cellular heterogeneity in the dopaminergic system
    Central mechanisms underlying postural and volitional control of trunk muscles
    Cerebral blood flow regulation during acute increases in blood pressure: Can cerebral sympathetic nervous activity act as a gatekeeper?
    Characterization and modelling of bio-based insulation materials in the building envelopes for low carbon buildings
    Characterization and modelling of the behaviour of advanced woven composite material
    Characterization of the scaffolding roles of bromodomain containing proteins at the level of chromatin
    Chemogenetic control of liver metabolism
    Climate control of aquatic microbial ecosystems
    Closing the reality Gap in Machine Learning for Speech and Audio
    Coastal aquatic ecosystems: integrators of environmental change in Canada’s high Arctic
    Collaborative robots: novel architectures and interaction paradigms
    Combining noninvasive brain stimulation and neuroimaging to study human brain biology
    Complex Analysis and Spectral Theory
    Comprehensive design solutions for vehicular bridges using aluminium alloys in a multi-material context
    Comprehensive utilization of minerla reources and waste CO2 gas for enhanced critical metals recovery and permanent CO2 storage
    Comprendre la complexité du domaine lipidique cutané
    Conception des infrastructures de transports pour le développement du nord
    Conception des infrastructures de transport sur pergélisol instable
    Conception d’une plateforme d’intelligence urbaine pour des villes intelligentes plus inclusives et résilientes
    Conception et de caractérisation thermo-hydrique des infrastructures dans le contexte des changements climatiques
    Conception, utilisation et validation d'approches novatrices de modélisation des réseaux de discontinuités (DFN) pour la conception géomécanique minière.
    Constrained expected utility maximization: applications in quantitative finance, risk management, life and pension insurance
    Contribution of phospholipase A2 enzymes in the homeostasis of the immune system.
    Contrôle de la disponibilité de l'eau par les interactions neige-forêt en climat froid et humide
    Control of Noradrenaline in Learned Behaviors
    Cryobotics : a fertile ground for antifragile embodied intelligence
    Dairy bioactive nutrients synergistic effects against inflammation: nutrigenomics and metabolomics approaches.
    Dealing with nonresponse in complex surveys
    Decelerated turbulent boundary layers
    Deciphering the environmental factors behind diatom and Phaecystis Arctic blooms
    Deciphering the impact of chromatin modifications on DNA repair processes.
    Deciphering the physiological role of alpha-synuclein aggregation in the central nervous system
    Deciphering the role of micro RNAs in neuronal maturation using live imaging
    Deciphering the specificity and function of FGD RhoGEFs during skin development
    Decipher the physiological functions of osteoprotegerin in skeletal and cardiac muscles
    Deep Learning with Little Labelled Data
    Defining nucleosome features regulating the function of chromatin modifiers and remodelers
    Dendritic inhibition in hippocampal circuits
     Design écogéotechnique d’aires de nidification des pollinisateurs sauvages dans les cannebergières
    Designing and managing agile wood supply systems to maximize value-extraction from procurement areas in Canadian forests
    Designing, developing and validating advanced materials and surface modifications for innovative biomaterials and implants
    Design, Synthesis and Characterization of New Electroactive and Photoactive Polymera
    Déterminants moléculaires et prédiction de la liaison des protéines aux membranes de différentes compositions biologiques
    Déterminismes moléculaires et sélectifs du maintien du potentiel adaptatif dans un écosystème aquatique hétérogène.
    Development of environmentally friendly extraction processes for the selective recovery of strategic and critical metals from e-wate products
    Development of high functionality composites and nanocomposites for tissue engineering and energy conversion systems
    Development of master alloys for improving the sintering response and mechanical properties of high performance steel components produced by powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing
    Development of photocatalytic adsorbents for removal and degradation of pesticides in water and wastewaters
    Development of strategies to mitigate antibiotic resistance in swine
    Développement d’approches pour favoriser la multifonctionnalité des paysages forestiers
    Développement de l'Overall Intercation Concept pour les éléments en acier et les matériaux non-linéaires
    Développement d'un substitut biologique de valve cardiaque fabriqué par génie tissulaire
    Développent de méthodes d'imagerie multimodale vasculaire et de l'oxygénation
    Discovering the epigenetic mechanisms and factors that influence sex change in dioecious cannabis
    Discovering the in-depth material-process-properties relationship for advancing the development of high-performance metallic biomaterials
    Dissecting mechanisms of cell division by the malaria parasite
    Diversification of rhamnolipids/glycolipids in heterologous lipogenic yeast hosts using synthetic biology
    Drinking water quality variability and management in urban distribution systems
    Driving brain functions with information-based neuromodulation
    Ecological forecasting for boreal conservation: fire, owls and woodpeckers
    Ecological genomics of anadromous migrations in a changing Artic.
    Écologie comportementale et démographie des grands mammifères terrestres
    Écologie des perturbations et stress exercés par les grands herbivores des écosystèmes boréaux et arctiques
    Ectonucleotidases and Extracellular Nucleotides in Smooth Muscle Cell Contraction
    Elucidating the differential contribution of sulfonation and glucuronidation in controlling nuclear receptor activity
    Elucidating the impacts of spatial connectivity and physical forcing on nutrient supply and primary production in eastern Canadian Arctic and Sub-Arctic seas
    Elucidating the intracellular mechanisms that regulate mammalian sperm fertilizing ability and motility
    Emergence of air breathing in vertebrates
    Emerging technologies and applications of fiber lasers
    Enchères combinatoires pour l'approvisionnement collaboratif des services de transport routier par camions
    Energy Transition Era : A climateric for Sustainable Production Planning and Control in Open Pit Mines
    Enforcing security and safety policies in IoT applications
    Enregistrements morpho-sédimentaires des glaciations sur les côtes et marges continentales
    Environmental and climatic risk of degradation of network structures
    Étude comparée de l’organisation anatomique et neurochimique de la voie striatofuge chez les rongeurs et les primates
    Étude des interactions dans les microbiotes alimentaires complexes
    Étude du mélange d'un scalaire en écoulements turbulents cisaillés libres
    Évaluation des propriétés hydrauliques non saturées par approches semi­analytiques et numériques sur échantillons de sols
    Evolution of barred spiral galaxies and chemical enrichment processes of galaxies and their environment
    Exploration sur les algèbres amassées
    Exploring new climate feedbacks in the Arctic
    Expression and function of discoidin domain receptor 1 in T cells
    Extension de la méthode de projection en mécanique des fluides
    Fatigue when learning motor skills: When does it matter? Can it help?
    Feeding ecology of outbreak insect species
    Filtering Algorithms Based on Lagrangian Relaxation
    Fossil Subduction Systems and the Evolution of Plate Tectonics
    From individual traits to the big picture : trait-based approaches to predict zooplankton fate in changing Artic Ocean
    From waste to value-added products : sustainable catalytic valorization of waste materials
    Functional and structural characterization of an insect mevalonate pathway enzyme
    Functional data analysis methods for genomics and financial data
    Genetic and molecular analysis of the siRNA-mediated gene regulation
    Genetic selection of honeybees in northern climates
    Gestion adaptative des débits en réseau de distribution pour contrôler la qualité de l’eau
    Ground-nesting bee conservation in lowbush blueberry agroecosystems
    Guidelines development for sustainable use of reactive/marginal/recycled aggregates in concrete construction
    Harnessing the potential of natural loss-of-function allelic variants in wild poplar germplasm for accelerated forest tree domestication
    High-Performance Computing in Medical Physics
    High Voltage Electrical Treatments as a tool allowing improvement of the enzymatic hydrolysis of milk proteins
    How do Artic microalgae thrive in the chaotic light field of in-ice and under-ice marine habitats.
    How does higher level cognition affect emotion? Neurophysiological and behavioral investigations
    Hydrodynamics of cavitating and vortical flows in hydraulic turbomachines in off-design conditions: inception and mitigation
    Hydrokinetic Energy: Turbine technologies and Array Deployment Optimization through CFD
    Identifying novel molecular insights from life science massive data
    Impact of sulfide saturation events on the fertility of porphyry-related magmatic system
    Implication de diverses protéines dans la fonction des photorécepteurs visuels
    Implication des protéines de la famille S100, des annexines et de leur complexe dans des processus membranaires
    Importance of non-canonical microRNAs in the mammalian brain
    Improvement of electrodialytic processes performances for biofood applications using innovative electric current conditions
    Improving Optimization-Based Scheduling and Path Planning Decision Support: An Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research Approach with Applications to Surveillance and Search
    Improving seismic risk characterisation and management in underground mines
    Influence des migrations animales sur la réponse des écosystèmes arctiques aux changements globaux
    Influence du TFG-ß et de l’environnent physique sur la formation des jonctions intercellulaires et la transition endothélio-mésenchymateuse
    Ingénierie de la sécurité incendie dans les constructions en bois
    Ingénierie d'un système de culture cellulaire auto-suffisant et à faible empreinte environnementale
    Innovative biomedical microsystems driven by data and artificial intelligence
    Innovative deep learning solutions leveraging unlabeled and multi-source annotated datasets to segment and monitorchange in large scale 3D point clouds for Digital Twin Cities
    Innovative Developments of Infrared Vision for Non Destructive Evaluation
    Integrated Multimodal Travel Behavior Analysis under Mobilitu as a Service
    Integrated surface and subsurface hydrological modelling
     Integrated Water Resources Management for sustainable development using artificial intelligence approaches
    Integration and optimization of resource recovery processes to sustainably produce chemicals and energy from waste (water) flows
    Intelligent Assistive Technologies in Rehabilitation Engineering for People Living with Upper Limb Disabilities
    Intelligent Reflecting Surface Empowered Transmission Techniques for Next-Generation Communication Systems
     Interaction between the cell cycle and the circadian clock : mechanism and implications
    Interactions trophiques et mécanismes de répartition spatiale des grands herbivores
    Interactive reinforcement learning for adaptive experimental design
    Interpretable Machine Learning for life science data
    Intrinsic factors controlling growth under sink limited conditions
    Introgression, phylogéographie et niche écologique: Incidences sur le clade des pics boréaux néarctiques
    Investigating bacterial virulence of aquatic pathogens using multiple host-pathogen models
    Investigating the behavioral and cerebral bases of empathy using human computer interactions
    Investigating the effects of electronic cigarettes and cannabis smoke on buccal microbes
    Investigation of musical pitch perception via auditory and tactile modality as a tool to better understand brain plasticity following longterm training and auditory deprivation
    Investigation of the roles of weak forces and molecular flexibility in enantioselective hydrogenation on chirally modified Pt
    Isoperimetry and spectral geometry
    Lake biogeochemical dynamics: the conveyor belt between physics and biology
    La mobilité urbaine des marchandises : optimisation, simulation et impacts
    Large neuronal networks: from structure to function, and back
    Le Nord : Changements ENvironnementaux depuis la déglaciation en lien avec le CLimat et l'Anthropisation – Nord- CENCLA
    Les milieux humides comme des infrastructures réduisant les risques d’inondation en contexte de changements climatiques
    Les procédés par biofiltration: polyvalence et modélisation
    Leveraging the Internet of Things and Open Data to Support Clean Energy
    Leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to build an ecosystem of software ecosystems in the context of polyglot microservices-based applications
    Lipid metabolism in lactating ruminants
    Liquid Crystalline Orientational Excitations in Biological Membranes
    Lithospheric sulfur cycling during Archean orogenesis
    Long reinforcement strategies for underground mines
    Long-term winter ecology and sea ice phenology in subarctic, high-use coastal ecosystems
    Manutentionner en tandem : enjeux biomécaniques, de coordination motrice et d'apprentissage moteur
    Marine peptides as templates for the design of novel antimicrobials
    Mathematical Modelling in Neuroscience
    Measurement of the physical properties: Improving mineral exploration and mining at depth
    Mécanisme d’action d’ASPRV1 dans l’inflammation
    Mécanismes de collaboration pour la pérennité de la chaîne de valeur forestière
    Mechanical design of transportation embankments built on thawed permafrost
     Mechanics of soil erosion by water: Mathematical modelling and laboratory experimentation
    Mechanisms Involved in the Modulation of Cellular Metabolism and Functional Responses by EndocrineDisrupting
    Mechanisms of endocytosis and transcytosis into endothelial cells of the blood-brain barrier
    Mechanisms of experience-induced brain plasticity in the adult speech system
    Mechanisms of host colonization in conifer-feeding insects
    Mechanisms of release and signaling functions of ciliary vesicles
    Mechanistic Studies of Amino Acid Homeostasis and Organellar Crosstalk by GATOR1.
    Mechanistic studies of RNA-binding proteins regulating local RNA translation at synapses
    Medical physics and biomedical technology development for next generation dose measurement, optimization and computation tools
    Méthodes de transmission de l'information robustes et sécuritaires dans les réseaux coopératifs sans fil hyperdenses
    Methods to study the long-term effects of nanoparticles in vivo
    Modèles multi-physiques performants et robustes dans le domaine de la construction hybride en bois.
    Modeling, inference and risk aggregation for dependent insurance losses
    Modélisation par génie tissulaire de la modulation de l'angiogenèse par l'innervation sensorielle
    Modelling the effects of environmental conditions on wood physicomechanical properties
    Modification and characterisation or surfaces and plasma processes for biotechnical applications
    Modulation des interactions et de l’agrégation des protéines en système mixte par le couplage de technologies émergentes et durables
    Modulation des interactions protéines-polyphénols et évaluation des propriétés techno-fonctionnelles et de la bioaccessibilité des complexes mixtes formés en systèmes alimentaires modèles
    Modulation of memory encoding by the bloodbrain
    Molecular mechanisms defining the size of biological tubes in vivo
    Morpho-functional properties of interneurons born at different developmental stages in the adult olfactory bulb.
    Mouvements de terrain et les effets du climat
    Multi-hierarchical methodologies for improving visibility and agility of forest products supply chains
    Multiphase multilayer viscoplastic displacement flows: Controlling interfacial patterns
    Multivariate Statistics : Exact inference, copulas and directions
    Muscle growth and hypoxia : Implications for breast muscle myopathies in chickens
    Nanoblog processing
    Nano/micro/meso/multifunctional intensification strategies for greener multiphase reactors/materials
    Nanoparticle-containing polymers and soft materials for applications in radiology, oncology and ophthalmology
    Nanoplastics in the Artic: presence, source and fate
    Natural Product Chemistry of Plants and Lichens From Northern Ecosystems
    Natural product synthesis and development of synthesis-enabling methodologies
    Neural mechanisms underlying the adaptive plasticity of human locomotion
    Neuroelectronic and optogenetic stimulation for the precise control of corticospinal plasticity
    New approaches for the design and synthesis of heterocyclic and macrocyclic bioactive peptidomimetics
    New glassy Materials and Optical fibers for wellbeing in Society.
    New Latent Variable Methods for selection of raw materials, process monitoring and product quality control
    New methods for Green Organic Synthesis
    New radioanalytical tools for the detection of naturally-occurring and anthropogenic radionuclides
    New tools and method for monitoring ionizing radiation delivery in medical physics
    Next generation of design methods and building systems for imporving energy efficiency.
    Normal numbers and the multiplicative structure of integers
    Nouveaux algorithmes d’interaction fluide-structure appliqués à des concepts de turbines novateurs
    Nouvelles architectures pour les systèmes sans fil du futur
    Nouvelles méthodes pour le traitement, l’analyse et la représentation de flux de données massives géospatiales
    Novel approaches to metal free catalysis
    Novel Effluent Desalination Processes: Sustainable Water Recovery and Energy Generation in Mining Sites
    Novel Synthetic Design and Methods for Atomically Precise Nanographenes
    Numerical modelling of complex hydrogeosystems
    Operator-theoretic approach to problems of Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
    Optimization of Large-Scale Real-Time Problems in Urban Contexts
    Optimizing sampling design, data integration, and methods for understanding population dynamics and predicting ecological changes
    Optimizing the optical/wireless interface for short-haul access networks
    Optimizing upper limb control and performance by reducing the impact of fatigue
    optogenetic investigation of brain circuit development and plasticity
    Organofluorine Chemistry: From New Synthetic Methods to New Reactivity
    Origin of hydrothermal deposits
    Outils d'analyse, de modélisation et d'optimisation des performances des systèmes assujettis à des perturbations aléatoires
    Outils d'analyse, de modélisation et d'optimisation des performances des systèmes assujettis à des perturbations aléatoires
    Oxidized Cyclic Fatty Acid Monomers From Polyunsaturated Oils: Formation, Structures and Potential Biological Activities
    Oxidizing Functional Groups : Looking for New Types of Extreme Properties in Main-group Compounds
    PAC-Bayesian transfer learning: theroy and algorithms
    Parametrization and validation of the NSEEV Attention Model for Visual and Auditory scenes
    Patterns of changes in biodiversity: influence on ecosystem functioning in Arctic
    Permafrost aggradation and degradation in relation to disturbance in isostatically uplifted landscapes of the Hudson Bay region
    Photonic integrated circuits for advanced sensing
    Photonics devices for optical communications and sensing
    Physiological regulation of tau protein
    Planificaiton des transports dans un environnement dynamique et stochastique
    Planification et contrôle adaptatif des systèmes de production
    Prébiotiques de nouvelle génération par électroactivation en solution du lactosérum et de son perméat
    Prise en compte des changements climatiques dans la planification forestière à long terme.
    Probing the origins and crosstalk between the different Leydig cell populations in the mammalian gonad
    Production biologique du diméthylsulfure dans un Arctique en transformation
    Programme d'interventions pratiques visant à décarbonisation le transport routier
    Programming the oocyte's legacy
    Pushing the boundaries of super-resolution optical microscopy for molecular imaging in live tissue
    Quantifying the genomic sources of evolutionary innovations through integrative biology.
    Quantitative approaches to decipher neuronal network function in situ
    Rapidly Deployable Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
    Rational Design of Nanocomposites as Efficient Catalysts for Hydrogen Production and CO2 Conversion into Valuable Fuels using Sun Light
    Recombinant cystatins in plants
    Reconstruction de surface et modélisation 3D:exploration des représentations implicites
    Redox signaling : a key element for the development of new post-harvest conditioning technologies
    Regulation of Cellular Energy Metabolism in Mammary Epithelial Cells
    Regulation of nuclear dynamics by tyrosine kinase signaling
    Renforcement automatique de la sécurité de l'Internet des objets
    Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces, Matrix Theory, their relations and applications
    Richer sensors and challenging environments : filling a gap in training field robotic perception systems
    Risk models with dependence: construction, properties, and risk measurement.
    Rôle de la prédation dans les cycles de rongeurs arctiques : une approche multifonctionnelle
    Rôle de la variabilité des composés mineurs du lait bovin sur la performance des procédés fromagers
    Role of canonical Wnt pathway in regulating the structural and functional integrity of the blood-brain barrier in the normal adult brain
    Role of DSCAM in the development of motor circuits
    Role of the Pinealocyte-Derived Melatonin on the Autonomic Regulation of Energy Homeostasis
    Rôles adaptatifs des symbioses mutualistes hôte-microbiote chez les Téléostéens de l'Amazone
    Roles of matricryptins (bioactive extracellular matrix fragments) in adipose tissue
    Roles of melanocytes in choroid homeostasis
    Roles of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 in mammalian transcription-coupled nucleotide excision repair of DNA damage
    Roles played by transzonal projections in the making of a high quality oocyte
    SAM68-induced regulation of cellular metabolism through mTOR mRNA splicing and stabilization
    Sensorimotor processing and body motion perception
    Shotcrete placement automation for improved quality and zero rebound losses
    Shrub climate sensitivity and the heterogeneity of the greening of the tundra
    SIGNALS and SITELLE: Massive stars and HII regions in nearby galaxies with imaging Fourier transform spectroscopy
    Smart Personalized Medical Platform for Cancer Diseases
    Space-time parallel algorithms for large scale simulations and optimization problems governed by partial differential equations
    Statistical methods of multivariate analysis for large and complex data
    Stellar Populations in Star-forming Galaxies
    Stratification des systèmes photopolymérisables
    Stressed to a T: The role of stress granule dynamics in regulating effector T cell function
    Structural and functional studies of natural product biosynthetic enzymes
    Studying interactions between noroviruses and their environment to reduce foodborne transmission
    Study of the fundamental role of interfacial mobilities during phase transformations in aluminium alloys
    Succession d'insectes saproxyliques en forêt boréale
    Supply chain optimization in the modern world
    Supply Chain Optimization under Uncertainty
    Sustainability indices from nutrient budgets of agro-ecosystems
    Sustainable carbon electrodes for metallurgical processes
    Sustainable concretes with low shrinkage cracking sensitivity
    Sustainable Power Grids with High Penetration of Distributed Energy Resources
    Synthesis of complex organohalogens from carbohydrates
    Systèmes mixtes protéines-polysaccharides: assemblage en milieu complexe et fonctionnalités
    Systems modelling of microbial communities using in vitro and computational approaches
    Tensor and Regularization Methods for (Semantic) Deep Learning: Application to Robotic Perception
    Thalamic gating during sleep oscillations
    The architecture and dynamics of microbial interaction networks in food model ecosystems
    The circadian clock control of enamel formation: its role and regulatory links to the storeoperated Ca2 + entry
    The combined role of cellular force dynamics and extracellular matrix mechanical properties in driving angiogenesis
    The epigenetic regulation of brain gene networks
    The evolution of adaptive genetic variation in relation to speciation divergence and introgression in conifers
    The function of effector proteins of Pseudozyma flocculosa in a tritrophic interaction plant-pathogen-biocontrol agent
    The hydrologic impacts of a subarctic landscape in transition
    The Interplay between the Attended and the Unattended : A gateway to automatic and controlled processing
    The neural mechanisms involved in behavioral responses related to emotions
    The Path to Optimize Lens Design For Non Paraxial Propagation
    The physiological role of airway smooth muscle
    The relevance of animal play for animal welfare
    The role of conformational dynamics in viral fusion proteins epitopes presentation and recognition for antibody engineering applications
    The spatiotemporal dynamics of plant invasions
    Tools to decipher neuronal signalling and computation
    Toward defining the transcriptional ecosystem
    Towards a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms regulating liver metabolism in response to fasting
    Towards a computational understanding of pain
    Towards advanced design and performance assessment approaches for the new generation of lightweight pedestrian structures
    Towards a mathematical description of complex networks: Effective structure and latent hyperbolic geometry
    Towards a virtual cardiovascular system for understanding arterial stiffness and blood flow
    Towards Developing a Physically Based Ice Jam Flood Early Warning System
    Towards digital twin based control of water resource recovery facilities - Methods supporting the use of adaptive hybrid twins
    Towards more efficient machine learning algorithms: theory and practice
    Towards Secure and Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems
    Toxicité des rayons ultraviolets sous l’angle de la mitochondrie
    Transforming garbage into gold: development of experimental tools to study nutritional dynamics of black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illuscens Linnaeus 1758)
    Ultrafast laser and electron pulses for high resolution imaging
    Understanding carbon and nitrogen dynamics in cropped soils: a key to mitigate climate change and ensure future food security
    Understanding how the master transcriptional regulator HOXA5 defines cell fate in the developing embryo
    Understanding interactions between pain, body perception and motor control.
    Understanding mitochondria and lipids droplet interactions in cell biology
    Understanding the specificity and regulation of NCK adaptor proteins
    Understanding the world behind the image
    Universally Applicable Model Wavefunction Forms for Strong and Weak Electron Correlation in Quantum Chemistry
    Unraveling the active mycorrhizal helper microbiome in agroecosystems
    Unravelling the functions of Peptidyl-Prolyl Isomerase A in axonal transport and neuromuscular junction development and maintenance
    Unveiling comprehensive cellular biophysical properties using quantitative phase digital holographic microscopy
    Unveiling effectortriggered immunity by Plasmodiophora brassicae as a source of durable clubroot disease resistance
    Value chain collaboration and coordination
    Vers la vérification et certification d'algorithmes d'intelligence artificielle
    Visible Fiber Lasers
    Wearable Sensor Ecologies and Geolocation Infrastructures
    Wood Supply System's performance: productivity and log quality
    Yeast-mycelium dimorphism in the Dutch elm disease fungi and its contribution to pathogenicity and overall fitness